OMG Indian Jewellers Rs 28 crore diamond ring enters Guinness Book of World Records ($4,116,787 USD)

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Two jewellers from India have broken the record of Most diamonds set in one ring, by setting a staggering 6,690 diamonds into an 18 karat rose gold structure, shaped like a lotus flower.

Vishal Agarwal and Khushbu Agarwal, both based in Surat, Gujarat, constructed the ring using a base component and 48 individual diamond encrusted petals.The lotus ring weighs more than a golf ball, with a total weight of just over 58 grams.

It took six months to design and craft the intricate ring, which has been valued at $4,116,787 USD.
dimound surat.gif
Vishal created the design for the ring, and Khushbu, who owns Hanumant Diamonds, funded and provided the resources for the ambitious project.
The idea for Vishal and Khushbu's creation came from them wanting to raise awareness about importance of water conservation.

They decided to use their work to generate awareness and settled on a lotus flower design because it is the national flower of India, and because it depicts "the beauty growing in the water-world".

"As fame is so much attached to a Guinness World Records title, we can put it to good use by bringing together like-minded people to work towards a beautiful world," Vishal and Khushbu

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