(RedPill) is coming - get to your safe space

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Revelations are coming

Be in the right place, because the New Fire breathing dragons may appear at any time

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Morning Bob, looking forward to more info.


Hi George - Much more to come. Thanks for hanging in there.


This is hard, you know, to follow your thoughts. I am in the H2 and electrons and 360x- part now, exhausted but overwhelmed.
Say hi to Indians :)


Hi there,

I will, if I can make myself completely free, work to explain everything stepwise. What you have seen with this initial set of videos is me 'brain farting', you're just getting a whiff of the underlying stuff... er... so to speak ;-) I wanted to 'jot' something down publicly before I forgot it.

Hello Bob.
I am interested in what you call the Re-set. Where did you first hear about it?
What is it exactly? Does the Earth go back in time to before P&F? Or do we all lose our memory like what happens in the Men in Black films? I am genuinely interested. Thanks.


It is a multitude of reasons.

  1. Hutchison effect appears to allow time based effects
  2. Ben Rich, former Head of Lockheed SkunkWorks! 1975-1991 “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity….. anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”
  1. It looks like this technology has been repeatedly discovered and then 'forgotten' over 1000s of year - structures and scriptures across the world and its religions are eminently explainable by accepting that this science is real.



Thats a bit of a relief. I guess I have a too active imagination. No one would be able to resist a shift in time but if its as you say that they would try to erase the research then thats an entirely different matter. We have the internet and it is our greatest tool. They cant completely silence us. They could try to shut down our sites but I think its going to be much harder to close down the whole Lenr movement. There are just too many researchers. They would have to make it a criminal offence and lock people up. It would be repression rather than discrediting the movement. We will resist! I sound like a bloody anarchist!


Well - the technology can create anti-gravity, since time is meant to be related to gravity, if you have anti-gravity then presumably you can distort time.

From EGO OUT with thanks
I have offered Keith Fredericks an explanation for the tachyon like particles that he was seeing in his research. Keith has added much value to the LENR field by studying these strange particles. This explanation of these particles covers much of what Bob G is expressing.
I would be glad to back up this explanation with the hundreds of references that I have collected over the years. Also look at the ideas of Keith Fredericks which supports and adds depth to what Bob G is saying.
Feel free to ask questions, others will benefit from a give and take.
By the way, what Bob G is saying is totally compatible with the nanoplasmonic based theories that DGT and Peter have backed going back many years. Bob G just got excited when he saw the nanoplasmonic light contained in the various near complete systems that he has recently evaluated in India and in Europe.


I got 'excited' and disappointed when I realised how this technology was at least 40 years old and probably nailed in the early 50s.

I got appalled when thinking about all of the habitat destruction and needless wars - but perhaps they never learned to control it for small to medium energy production. Perhaps they understood that if a peaceful working embodiment came out - people would suddenly realise the potential to weaponise it - and so you have to suppress it with everything you have.

Then again, perhaps they just wanted to profit from and subjugate the people - revelling in their power and untouchability.

We have a unique opportunity to make this technology benefit humanity and the planet - and with healthy competition - right now it is very clear who TPTB favour.


Morning Bob, I have been following World anomalies and phenomenon for many years and the frustration of seeing these things hidden and ignored by science etc. is enough to drive me nuts.
The number and good Evidence is staggering but TPTB keep things their way no matter what cost to humanity and the World.
Just another area that is advancing with a mass of clear Evidence ---

Scientists Discuss Their Research into Mind Beyond Body and the Survival of Consciousness After Death


I do not think you will have to wait much longer - much is coming this year.

Hi Bob, This is JoshG from ECW. I hope you are enjoying your time in India with your family. I don't know what's the best forum to establish a dialogue with you, but I saw you recommended to someone on twitter that they contact you on steemit, so here I am.

I understand from what you've said and written that you have had a series of revelations only in the last couple of weeks, with Judy Wood and 9/11 perhaps being the biggest shocker and catalyst for your awakening. I don't know if you were aware that we have been lied to about 9/11 before that, but I am guessing not. I had a similar awakening a little over a year ago when I watched the excellent (but long) documentary, 9/11: The New Pearl Harbor.

I remember feeling completely off-kilter the next month or so and I continued to wake up to more and more truths about how the world was really quite different than I thought. It knocked me totally off-kilter, and for awhile all I wanted to do was shout out to the world and try to wake everyone else up. So while some people have said that you are experiencing a manic episode, what I see in your videos is someone who is going through a profound transformation and trying to wake up his fellow humans. So I applaud that. It takes an enormous amount of courage. If only they would just look at the evidence! It's plain to see for anyone who is willing to look. Alas, the vast majority of people are not. That is something I have also learned in the last year.

So listen, I want to share with you some of the things that I've learned over the past year. I'm doing this because I've admired the work you've done with MFMP and believe you to be genuine and well-intentioned. You've fallen down the rabbit hole now. There are passages leading in every which way with signposts pointing in all different directions. It's important to be able to consider carefully which ones to ignore and which ones to pay attention to. This message is a signpost that you really need to pay attention to, and I hope you read it carefully. It will help you on your way to trying to discover the truth.

The first thing you need to understand is that The Powers That Be (TPTB) do not want you or anyone else to discover the truth about how this world works, and so they cover everything in a thick layer of fog so it is nearly impossible for us to find our way to the truth. You've punctured through a thick layer of lies and deception, but it would be a mistake to believe that everything on the other side of that membrane is true. Just the opposite. Most of it is just another swarm of lies, another layer of fog. The vast majority of things you will read or watch on conspiracy sites or conspiracy-related matters is disinfo and misdirection. They are deliberately spread by TPTB.

I would define disinfo as information about some conspiracy-related topic that TPTB disseminate that is not true at all. Misdirection is trickier, because it is information they disseminate that has some truth mixed in with lies. Or in some cases they tell the truth up to a certain point and then at the end they point you in the wrong direction, blaming the wrong people for what they've just revealed. (Some people use the terms disinfo and misdirection interchangeably--it's not really important.) Both disinfo and misdirection are basically forms of what you've been saying on your videos: they tell you "no, don't look over there, look over here." But if you really want to conceal the truth from somebody, then both of those options are going to be false and the truth (or the deeper truths) will be found in some direction that they don't even acknowledge.

It is extremely difficult to tease apart the truth from the lies. One reason is this that the lies they tell about themselves are so bad that you can't imagine someone spreading such vile lies about themselves. If you've decided that TPTB are really truly evil and then you read something about them that confirms your suspicions and portrays them as really evil, it's hard to see why the source of that information would be coming from TPTB. You might conclude that such information is wrong, but you aren't likely to suspect that it is deliberately meant to mislead. But it is. Why would anyone say such bad things about themselves? And I'll repeat: virtually everything conspiracy-related that you will read or see is meant to mislead you. It might be straight-up disinfo or misdirection, but it is designed to keep you from really getting to the truth. And they are masters of deception.

Have you every heard the advice that you can use an embarrassing lie to get out of trouble? So for example say you're hung over and miss your alarm and arrive late to work. Instead of telling your boss the truth, you tell him that you had explosive diarrhea on the way in and had to go back home to change your clothes. He would never think you were lying, since why would anyone lie about that? So it's kind of like that but on a unimaginable scale.

They are also good at giving things the appearance of truth by making it seem as if they are trying to suppress it. If it wasn't true, why would they (appear to be) trying to hide it? But the fact that you've heard of it in the first place is a good indication that they are not trying to hide it but deliberately planted it.

Another element of this is a specific form of misdirection known as a 'limited hangout.' A 'limited hangout' is misdirection that leads you part way to the truth but then stalls before getting there. Supporters of Judy Wood often call the "controlled demolition" theory of 9/11 a limited hangout, because while it recognizes that 9/11 was an "inside job," it doesn't go far enough in explaining how the towers were brought down.

Now, I've seen on twitter that you have been promoting Wikileaks and asking them to look at your videos. But the problem is that Wikileaks is a limited hangout. The first tip-off to that is that Assange has dismissed 9/11 conspiracy theories, saying: "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud." You see, Assange wants us looking in the direction he's pointing to. He's a very good disinfo agent, because much of the information he reveals is, indeed, really shocking regarding wars and financial fraud. And that stuff might very well be true. But the point is: as long as they keep people busy with that stuff, they aren't busy looking into "false" conspiracies (which are actually true). They also give Assange more credibility by making it appear as if they are trying to suppress Wikileaks and put him in jail, etc.

Yes, what I'm telling you is that Assange is an intelligence asset and the leaks are controlled, deliberate leaks. So far the stuff coming out of the Vault 7 is not really that new. But it also serves the interests of the CIA and TPTB, because it makes people think that they are being watched all the time. Jeremy Bentham knew what a powerful control mechanism that was when he developed his plans for the panopticon. I'm not saying that the information revealed is a lie (though it may be); what I'm saying is that Wikileaks is a form of misdirection or limited hangout. If what you have to offer them is truly revolutionary, they will not touch it, because at the end of the day their job is to offer people a distraction or limited hangout. "Look here!"

Wikileaks, like most of the information you will find on almost all conspiracy-oriented websites and youtube channels, is mostly a distraction. The information has some value, to be sure, but mostly it is there to keep you from looking elsewhere.

Another aspect of the conspiracy lies they spread is that they want us to be afraid, in general, and also afraid of them. You know that famous phrase from Dune, "Fear is the mind-killer." Well it's true. One of their ruling strategies is to keep us in a state of fear, especially afraid of one another. It's part of the divide-and-rule gambit, and I see that you've recognized that which is great. But beyond that they generally want us afraid since it makes us more suggestible. When you are off kilter you are also easier to (mis)lead. So in conspiracy circles there is a lot of fear-mongering that goes on. Whenever I see a conspiracy engaging in fear-mongering (Financial collapse coming! Doomsday weapon coming on line! Obama is going to grab our guns, declare martial law and round us up into FEMA camps!), my spidey sense starts tingling that I am dealing with disinfo. I acknowledge that I might be wrong in any given instance, but I will not give myself over to fear, because I believe it gives them an advantage or a minor victory. I also try not to spread a message to others that might induce fear.

I must be blunt here and tell you that in my opinion your messages so far have been a bit mixed in this regard. You tell us not to fear and to love one another, and I agree with that message wholeheartedly. But you also give us the impression that there are "dragons" (still not sure what you mean by this) that could vaporize us at any moment, so we should avoid buildings made of steel or steel-and-concrete. You also seem to be promoting a kind of doomsday message about Earthquakes in California. Your remarks are these matters certainly seem to have a sense of "the sky is falling" panic. My sense is that you are getting that information from somewhere and believe it to be true. But I think it is clouding your judgement, and that is what it is meant to do. Take a deep breath. Don't panic. Doomsday messages are a time-worn tradition in both religious and conspiracy matters. So far they haven't come true.

You appear to believe that they are evil spirits who are going to engage in some kind of mass slaughter via HAARP-induced earthquakes and directed energy weapons in order to harvest our souls. I don't know what you've read to lead you to those conclusions, but you know what? You might be right, either in whole or in part. But I'm skeptical and, for all the reasons I discussed above, I think you should be skeptical, too. You should be skeptical of everything you've read that has lead you to those conclusions. It doesn't mean you're wrong. It just means recognizing that TPTB have spread lies in a million different directions trying to conceal the truth. Lies that don't look like lies. Misdirection that sounds like the truth. False leads and dead ends. One piece of advice I've seen is to assign a probability to every conspiracy-related thing you hear, rather than either rejecting or fully embracing.

Another reason to be skeptical of the conclusions you've reached is that, in my opinion, the lies that TPTB spread generally tend to portray themselves as being more nefarious and evil than they really are. Part of that is that they want us to be afraid of them. Really afraid. For example, there is a lot of stuff out there about how they are satanic and sacrifice children for satanic rituals or engage in satanic ritual abuse. That my be true. But once you discover how much bad stuff they've invented or hoaxed or lied about that is not really true, you may begin to be skeptical of that as well.

Of course you should be skeptical of what I'm telling you as well. But please do consider it carefully. I am taking a lot of time and care in writing all of this to you because I believe in you and I want to help you. I'm not trying to mislead you in any way.

Another tactic TPTB use is called 'controlled opposition.' Basically, you create or co-opt opposing movements and points of view to ensure that there is no real opposition or that the real opposition ultimately fails. Lenin is famous for his quote on "creating the opposition in order to control it," but it wasn't just Lenin. This is a time-worn tactic of ruling powers everywhere. Sometimes the opposition appears very genuine so it's hard to discern that it's controlled. In the cold-fusion arena we see this now with Industrial Heat. If we think of LENR energy as an opposition or threat to fossil fuels, then TPTB need to control that opposition. So they've set IH up to do that by taking control of emerging technologies and delaying them. You said yourself that IH is is controlled by CIA. Your statement about that lent further confirmation to what I've been suspecting for quite awhile.

But this tactic is hardly limited to LENR. It's everywhere. I can pretty much guarantee you that anything that might threaten or challenge the wealth and power of TPTB in any way is controlled. But more than that, most of the division we see in the world are fake. The whole Russia hacking thing is a myth, since Russia has been under control of TPTB at least since the Bolshevik Revolution. (And I'm not talking out of my ass here--there is a wealth of evidence of this and I'd be happy to give you more details if you're interested.) As I've mentioned, Assange is also controlled opposition (and Snowden, too). Chomsky is also obvious since he, too, dismisses 9/11 truth. Pretty much all the major conspiracy websites, including zerohedge, bibliotecapleyades, infowars, etc. etc. are all controlled opposition, disinformation, etc. Again, it doesn't mean everything they say is a lie, but it does mean that you should not trust them since it is often very difficult to discern what is true and what is not.

Here is a relatively short essay that I always recommend reading to people who have just 'woken up' and punctured the membrane of consensus reality. It is an essay by Miles Mathis, who in addition to being a brilliant physicist has also done some extremely penetrating conspiracy research. The essay is on "gurus," and here is a key takeaway point (though I strongly recommend reading the whole thing):

"Look at it this way: say you wanted to control everyone in the world. Well, people are at different levels. They have different interests and beliefs and levels of intelligence. So if you want to control everyone, you have to place your guys at all these levels, on all possible paths."

"If you are a football coach setting up a defense on the field, you don't put all your tacklers in the middle of the field, or all on one side. You spread them out. You want to block all possible paths to the goal. You have to defend against the run and the pass, the short ball and the long ball. "

"It is the same with government. If you want to govern people, you have to keep them on the path you have chosen for them. That is how the governors understand government. You may think government is about keeping people employed and building highways and educating children, but it isn't. It is
about “governing” them. Moving them around at will.... They keep you from troubling them and mold you into someone who can make them richer. That is what our society requires, and very little else."

"With that goal in mind, the last thing the governors want is “enlightened” people or “self-actualized” people. Those people might make money for themselves, think for themselves, and govern themselves. People like that make very poor clients. People like that are just trouble. So the governors have to head them off. Since people take many different paths, the governors have to place their blockers and tacklers everywhere. They have to have blockers for smart people and dumb people, lazy people and ambitious people, caring people and uncaring people, progressive people and conservative people, men and women, young and old."

"And they have to have blockers and tacklers up and down the field, on the fifty-yard line as well as on the five-yard line. If you get past one line of tacklers, they have to have another line ready for you."

The rest of my reply exceeds the maximum length, so I will post this and continue with a follow-up comment.

So to summarize, there are many tactics the TPTB use to keep us from learning the truth: disinfo, misdirection, limited hangouts, fake suppression, controlling the opposition, fear mongering, and telling us lies to make us afraid of them. There are others but those ones are key to know about. Carry them with you as you continue your search for the truth.

Well, there is one more I'll mention: it's called blackwashing or 'discredit by association.' That's when they have someone tell some truth, but then act crazy or evil or espouse ludicrous ideas in order to discredit the truth. "You believe in LENR -- what are you a Flat Earther?" To be completely honest, I have considered the possibility that you are doing just that with LENR and (Redpill). But I am giving you the benefit of the doubt based on your history. I believe in you.

You've peeled back one layer of lies. It is probably the toughest layer to pierce through and keeps the vast majority of people in line. But there are many, many more layers of lies beyond that. There is a full on blizzard of lies to try to keep anyone who gets through the first layer in a booming, buzzing confusion, far away from the truth.

I encourage you not to believe something just because you feel in your gut that it's the truth. Intuition is important, but going by your gut leads to confirmation bias, and they use that to lead us astray. Try to stay grounded. I don't yet know what "The Truth" is, and I may never really get to the bottom of it. But what I believe learned so far has in many ways been more unsettling than the notion that TPTB are evil spirits who want to absorb my spiritual life force.

Now, I want to say something else. I have on a few occasions recommended to you to look into the physics work of Miles Mathis. He also has a done a considerable amount of research on conspiracies, and I can point you to that work as well if you'd like (highly recommended). I can tell you that, just as with his physics, his conspiracy work is on a different level altogether. And in fact they sort of dovetail, because his work in physics points to the conclusion that most of leading theories of 20th century physics have been a form of "don't look there, look here" misdirection. (Or, "don't bother to try to think mechanically about atomic processes, just shut up and calculate!")

Whether or not that misdirection is intentionally meant to direct people away from the truth is something of an open question. I am inclined to believe it is intentional, if only because the truth, once you see it, seems so obvious that it's hard to believe the brightest scientific minds for over a hundred years could have failed to see it. But just as with the evidence about 9/11, it's hard to get people to look at it. But I can assure you, Bob, once you grasp Miles's physics work, you will see it. You will know what I'm talking about. And it's not esoteric in the slightest.

People in the LENR field can easily see why there would be a conspiracy against LENR. And of course Mallove pretty much proved that there was a conspiracy against it. But what I'm telling you is that the conspiracy and the scientific "look over here, not over there" misdirection does not start and end at LENR. It goes much, much deeper than that.

I told you on ECW that Miles's theories can explain Ken Shoulders' EVO's, and I linked you to a short paper of his on that, which unfortunately falls short of a full explanation. But I think I can explain what an EVO is based on his theories. Here is an important question to be asked about EVOs, which I found on Ludwik Kowalski's website:

"Shoulders claims that under certain conditions roughly 10 to the 11th electrons can cluster in a region whose size is very small (one micron or so) and move as a single particle-like unit.... But electrons separated by very small distances repel each others. How can a [charge cluster] remain stable?"

This is a very good question, and one that I believe we still don't have an answer to it. But I think I do. But in order for the answer to make sense, you have to have a basic grasp of Miles's theories. I will again recommend my paper on trying to apply his work to Cold Fusion. I just updated it and added some recent insights, including my proposed explanation for EVOs. Here is the link.

The paper offers an overview of the theory as relevant to LENR and also links to his papers. I strongly encourage you to read the links to his papers I include. Or at least the ones that seem most relevant. They explain things far better than I can, and also include equations. If you think there are too many links but are willing to read some of his work, I could suggest a short reading list of about 5-6 papers that would get you up to speed on critical topics.

On ECW you said that "there is no real need for confusing the issue with tangential descriptions of the same phenomenon." But what I'm trying to tell you is that his theories are not tangential. They aren't just a different way to describe what's going on. They can actually explain it! And if his theories can explain what's going on with EVOs, that can exactly give you the ability to establish "what are optimal conditions for generation and maintenance of the EVOs." So if you really want to try to come to a real understanding of EVOs and of LENR, you have to come to a different understanding of physics. Once you do, it all makes sense. Axil is full of hot air and layers everything with a thick fog of abstraction leading into never-never land. He's very good at misdirection. But Miles cuts through the fog with surgical precision and perspicacious logic. And you don't need pull the energy our of the vacuum or the cosmic lattice or a magician's hat, either. Everything that explains these phenomena are quite real and tangible and mechanical. It's refreshingly down-to-Earth.

Bob, please consider this a signpost that I'm planting here to help you along your path down the rabbit hole. You just need to know how to recognize it for what it is. But just as you cannot force Srinivasan to open his eyes to 9/11 truth or Judy Woods or any of that, I cannot force you to open your eyes to this. You have to see and judge it for yourself. The choice is yours.

I will close here by quoting some excerpts from the first few paragraphs of my paper:

"What will the advent of cold fusion mean for establishment physicists? Will they be able to bend over backwards with ad hoc band-aids to patch up the same theories that keep telling us cold fusion is “impossible?” Or will it require a massive overhaul of our understanding of the physical universe? In that case, we will need a new paradigm and new theories to rebuild it from the ground up. As it happens, someone already has rebuilt physics from the ground up. His name is Miles Mathis, an independent, self-taught polymath. I believe his revolutionary theories hold the key to a comprehensive explanation of all LENR processes, and I am writing this to explain why."

"Miles is unique in that he started from scratch and questioned everything from first principles, going back to Euclid. He has dug into the equations and original writings of Newton, Farraday, Maxwell, Einstein, Bohr, Schrodinger, Feynman, etc., emerging with improvements and deep new insights. Before standing on the shoulders of giants to try to see farther than them, he first peered over their shoulders and checked their work. As astonishing as it sounds, he has found fundamental errors and leaps of logic in all of their work and corrected it, delivering a truly mechanical theory of physics (without abandoning relativity). It might be said that he has created a new physics by fixing the old one. His writing style is lucid, straightforward and accessible (and almost always polemical)."

"I should note here that the preface for Miles’s first book was written by Tahir Yaqoob, PhD, an astrophysicist at Johns Hopkins University and NASA, who also was the one who encouraged Miles to publish his work in book format. He wrote: 'as far as I know, Miles is the first person to propose and begin to investigate the idea that Newton's fundamental gravitational equation already has electromagnetism embedded within it, and that what is needed is decomposition, not unification. Such a possibility has profound implications.' On the back cover he writes: 'I am absolutely flabbergasted – my gut reaction is that the idea that G is a scaling constant between two fields in Newton’s equation is an absolutely brilliant insight.'"

"Miles insists on a mechanical theory of physics involving material objects in the real world and believes that math should be used as a tool to help us explain the actual physical movement and interaction of those things. In other words, he has set out to construct a truly mechanical theory wherein interactions are based on the movement and contact of particles that have mass and physical extension (size). He shows that the history of physics is littered with examples where, because physicists couldn’t explain why things worked the way they did, they simply used math to describe it, then mistook their mathematical descriptions for actual physical theories. Think of magnetic charge and the magnetic field. What are they? How do they work? We don’t really know. We have Maxwell’s field equations that can describe them, but we don’t understand how they work, and we’ve made up more and more abstract, non-mechanical notions to explain it (like so-called messenger photons).

"Instead of using math as a tool to describe how the physical world works, we’ve mistaken the math for the physics, and the problem has just snowballed into an avalanche that tends to blind and suffocate anyone trying to climb the mountain of truth. Establishment physics has managed to muddle through by inventing ever-fancier math to describe and accomodate, without really explaining, experimental results that would seem to contradict their theories."

"Miles has applied his theory to a wide range of phenomena, including offering elegant and compelling solutions to the mysteries of dark matter, superconductivity, wave-particle duality, quantum entanglement, the double-slit experiment, the Proton Radius Puzzle, the Vacuum Catastrophe, the Pioneer anomaly and the Casimir effect, as well as explaining beta decay, neutrinos, nuclear magnetic resonance, Brownian motion, ice ages, the tides, the Meissner effect, major solar anomalies, celestial mechanics, etc. His theory explains why G (the gravitational constant) has the value it does (along with Planck's constant, the fine structure constant and a bunch of others), what causes gravity, why photons travel at c, why light is quantized, why E=mc2, why the mass of the electron is about 1820 times less than the mass of a proton, what is the origin of permittivity, where magnetism comes from and how it works mechanically, where mass comes from, and on and on. Miles argues that the Copenhagen interpretation was wrong and that the theories that emerged from it (Quantum mechanics, QED, QCD) are on the wrong track. In so doing, he has also done away with the theories underlying quantum mechanics, electrodynamics & chromodynamics (and hence the bulk of 20th century theoretical physics) in one fell swoop, without dismissing most of their experimental results. I have christened his theoretical perspective, ‘Mathisian physics,’ because I believe it is every bit as revolutionary and comprehensive as Newtonian or Einsteinian physics. For anyone steeped in years or decades of mainstream physics, giving this document a fair reading will require a deep breath and a truly open mind."


joshg, very interesting comment thank you


Thanks, George. Re-reading it I see it was a bit repetitive and I didn't make some points as well as I could.


So be careful who you trust! Just because the information seems legitimate, doesn't mean it is. OR, it could be partly true and partly false. For example, with Hutchison, maybe he is playing the fraud to discredit all similar claims about the electromagnetic effects he allegedly discovered. Judy Wood could be the same.

Also, Bob, you should take any footage from 9/11 with a HUGE grain of salt. Especially footage of the airplanes, which appears to be fake. But don't take my word for it. There is lots of evidence out there. Some of the most compelling of which IMHO can be found in the September Clues documentary:

The sheer amount of fake imagery we are fed about what is going on in this world is astounding.


Hi Joshg

Thankyou for your very thorough and detailed response.

All the theories in the world are trumped by observation of nature in action. This journey for me was about establishing LENR truth and by extension, clearing the names of Pons and Fleischmann. I never expected to end up explaining the anomalies in 911 and by extension having to re-consider my world view.

My understanding comes from sitting down with respected and brilliant scientists who have spent some of the best years of their life in this field. Each one, that had empirical success, had a piece of the puzzle (though I suspect one knew more than he let on). Ultimately this led me to Kenneth Shoulders and John Hutchinson. The rest came from physical experiments I had done in my play and work as a child, teenager and young man. The 'jelly cars' which I know to not be true, followed by seeing Egly's pictures of ball-lightening effects led me to type "windows, round holes, 911" or something to that effect and I got a picture showing just that which was watermarked Dr. Judy Wood - enough was enough.

I had come from observed science by scientists and ended up at Shoulders and Hutchinson, Dr. Judy Wood had come from the anomalies at 911, treating it as nature in action and ended up at Shoulders and Hutchinson.

All of the rest is an extension of the implications of that, the multi-decade planing and all of the extreme actions you would have to do to keep it secret.

I will try to get myself into a position where over the next 2 years - we deliver LENR together (we have several apparently working technologies to test) and I go through, stepwise, each anomaly and show how and why it is only explainable with the extended effects as observed by 100s of experiments over decades. I would also like to repeat these experiments - those that are possible.

For me it is about science.

My first video was for shock - it was my 911 - delivering it and observing the reaction to it revealed a lot which will be key in this final stretch to delivering LENR for peaceful and positive applications. I needed to know who could be trusted.


Bob, thanks for answering. I must admit, and I say this with all due respect, your reply reads like a boiler-plate response. It is essentially a restatement of what you've already said with no sign that you took any time to digest anything I wrote or relate the actual content of my comments in any way. For example, you didn't say anything about the video I posted that appears to show Hutchison engaged in fraud. Yet you keep referring to him as if all his claims are sacrosanct. Does that mean you are piggy-backing on his fraud? Think about how that reflects on you and your claims. Do you have any doubts at all about him and his work? You keep saying you got to Shoulders and Hutchison through LENR while Judy Wood got there through investigating 9/11. But if I understand correctly from you reply, you actually got to Hutchison and Shoulders via Judy Wood, whose work you found when googling 911 glass holes. But maybe Judy was wrong in pointing towards Hutchison. You've got to be very careful here and more skeptical. Disinformation comes in many guises and usually mixes truth with lies.

Yes, I agree it is about science. But you will never be able to really explain LENR and EVOs and all the other stuff with current science. It's a dead-end. TPTB have not only been hiding the truth of LENR etc. but also more general scientific truths. If you want to stick with the current scientific paradigm, you will never be able to have full control because you'll never have full understanding. So I disagree with the premise that all the theories in the world are trumped by observation of nature in action. I agree that theory needs to agree with observation, and observation trumps theory. But theory should also be able to explain observation. The current paradigm will never be able to do that except perhaps in the most post-hoc, heuristic way. But there is a theory that is wholly consistent with LENR and "anti-gravity" and all that.

Well, I've said my peace. I don't see any reason to continue to bang my head up against a wall. I planted my signpost. That's all I can do. Ignore it if you wish, but you're making a mistake. I sincerely wish you well in all your endeavors and hope you are able to succeed in your goals.


I absolutely did not discover Dr. Judy wood until after I had got to Kenneth Shoulders and John Hutchinson. I was discussing these individuals and how I got to them with Alan Goldwater and the team working on GS 5.4 in Santa Cruz. Additionally, I started trailering (Redpill) a full two days before I came across Dr. Judy Wood's work. I came across her site at 11:47 on 25th Feb 2017. Later that afternoon I saw for the first time that she ended up at Kenneth Shoulders and John Hutchinson.

The observations of both KS and JH (transmutation, teleportation, disintegration, anti-gravity etc) I have just found out in the past few days are all attributes for high spin mono-atomic gold... just as was revealed to me in my visions in the weeks before (Redpill).


So here you have now many things that are matching

  1. My understanding of LENR having put pieces together from the 7 living elders leading me to KS and JH
  2. Tesla's claims for his technology including the 'death ray'
  3. My observations of how this technology explains all of the anomalies on 911
  4. Subsequently found that Dr. Wood got the KS and JH as explanations for 911 without going into how the science is delivered
  5. 5-6000 year old Sumarian texts / Egyptians / Hebrews / Hindus - etc. etc. all describing the amazing properties of specially prepared gold.

Bob, for some reason I can't answer your most recent reply directly, so I'm replying here instead. Thanks for taking the time to clarify the issue of how you came to Shoulders and Hutchison. In retrospect it's not a very important point and I probably shouldn't have even brought it up since it allowed you to continue to dodge and ignore all of the much more important points I've brought up while giving some pretense of actually addressing them.

To give one example of an issue you continue to ignore for reasons I cannot understand: how can you refer to Hutchison's work uncritically despite all the evidence of fraud (I linked to one video of many)? You are already going out on a limb here. Don't you see how citing the work of an apparent huckster as proof of something can only hurt your case and put you in the same category? Or do you dismiss all the evidence against him? And if so, why?

Keep in mind that to admit or even consider the possibility that Hutchison is a fraud does not imply DEWs don't exist. In fact, one goal of his fraudulent behavior may have been to discredit the very idea of DEWs and electro-gravitics. If you don't address the evidence against and/or continue to refer to his work uncritically, then by extension you also discredit those concepts.

As for Gardner and mono-atomic gold. I agree that m-state gold might have some relevance. But Gardner's bio is full of red flags, and the fact that his Bloodline book was serialized in the propaganda mouthpiece known as the Daily Mail speaks volumes about how (un)reliable a source it is for anything even remotely related to the truth (as does its appearance on bibliotecapleyades). And as much as I hate to say it, your uncritical referencing of Gardner's and Hutchison's work, without so much as a hint of a caveat, also speaks volumes about your credibility as a red-pill swallowing truth seeker. I sincerely hope I'm wrong. I know when you first fall down the rabbit hole it's hard to to tell see these things for what they are -- it's all a bit overwhelming.

So I'm going to say this again and for the last time: TPTB have completely flooded channels of alternative information with misdirection and disinfo as much as mainstream channels, to the extent that nearly all the alternative information 'out there' is tainted. You should be wary and suspicious of it, cautious and tentative in your interpretation of it, and careful in separating the wheat from the chaff. In essence, you need to take a very scientific approach. To do otherwise is to do a disservice to the truth. And you wouldn't want to do that, would you?


Bob, I realize the tone in my previous comment sounded ... grumpy. Sorry for that. You have my support. I just ponied up a modest donation for MFMP's work with Suhas and me356. Good luck! -JoshG


Thanks joshg,

we are all looking for answers from the day we are born, thanks for helping out.