México´s Independence day Challenge - Shout ¡Viva México! - 15 SBD in Prizes

On September 15th México´s Independence day is celebrated and no matter which part of the world are you, if you are Mexican, you will shout ¡Viva México! and if you are not Mexican but you live somewhere else, we bet you have a Mexican friend or you know a Mexican.

Make a post in which you tell us about how México´s Independence day is celebrated in your hometown, city or with your close friends. Take pictures and let the community know about your experiences where Nationalism, love to the Motherland, mexican food and tequila unite in one single place.

If you are not mexicano but you have friends that celebrate this special date you can also participate in this challenge! It is always good to get to know the point of view of someone who is not Mexican but celebrates this day with his/her friends.

Requirements to participate in this challenge

This challenge will be a bit more elaborate than the previous four, that is because the subject is not a normal subject, this is the most important historic date and without doubt, the most celebrated in México.

To participate you must::

  • Vote this post.
  • Resteem this post (We never ask for resteems to participate in a challenge but this date being so special we want all the community to hear the shout ¡Viva México!.
  • Comment on this post including a link to your entry. You´ll find out in a bit the purpose of doing this.

México Challenge #5 Prizes

There will be a 5 SBD award for three posts based on the next criteria:

  • The post deemed as the most mexican by @mexico-trail jury.
  • An external judge will select the best written, best quality and effort put into the post.
  • The post with the most votes from the community.

The voting dinamyc for the third winner will be: Steemit members can acces this post and search through the comments for TWO of the posts they like more and vote for the comment including the post. If a user votes for more than two comments it will automatically nullify the 3 or more votes. It is about votes, not votes value. So if a comment has 5 votes worth 6 SBD but another comment has 17 votes worth .30 SBD the second post will win.

Small rules to make your post

1 - Include pictures, lots of pictures! If you are able to, include a video! You must appear in at least one of the pictures on the post.

2 - Include in the text where are you from (or living), town or city or even country. The more descriptive, the better!

3 - Use the tags #mexicochallenge y #vivamexico.

4 - Drink Tequila!... Well, this is not a must, but if you are celebrating this day, we know you will drink it.

You have until friday September 22nd at 15:00 Mexico city time to submit your entry. the winners will be revealed on September 24th. Tell your friends to join this challenge and ask the for their vote on your comment!


Hola @mexico-trail, puedo participar?

Claro turpsy!

Ok. Gracias.

Okay @mexico-trail, I've got my post published: https://steemit.com/mexicochallenge/@stortebeker/independence-day-viva-mexico

It is not as beautiful and colorful as it should be, but it's completed! I don't expect to win, but at least to participate. Hope you like it. :-)

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