STEEMIT EXCLUSIVE:FB user posts pictures of possible ground level meteor strike in Michigan

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these pictures were captured by fb user Kurt Norris in Taylor, Michigan last night.
Many armchair scientists are spitballing these may be the effects of the flashes of light seen in skies across the nation last night in the skies above.





Our house shook and we heard the boom but it wasn't until this morning that we actually knew what happened.

wow....small world....when the first reply is from an actual citizen of said town. Glad you made it safely....where did the impact/explosion take place relative to any civilization?

there has been conflicted reports as to where. I have heard all the way from New Baltimore area (border of Macomb and St Clair county) and now these pics from the Taylor area- which is downriver (southwest of Detroit metro).

My parents live in Imlay City and they heard it also.

It really spooked our dog... she was whining, pacing and kept staring out the bedroom window to the east towards Port Huron. We thought maybe it was a bad semi-truck accident on the freeway by our house near the Lapeer/Macomb border.

Found this video of the possible crash site. Also, Im disappointed in the number of eyes on this I would like more followup and/or discussion and analysis from some others that may have more light to shed on this topic but dont know about this post. So was hoping maybe you could resteem to your followers to get it some visibility because apparently all of mine use bidbots and dont manually curate anymore (I-_-)

The last I have heard is this...
news crews were in the area of Macomb and Shelby Twps where allegedly the fall out may have been spread out. I rarely watch TV or the news... so I am going by local chit-chat among residents and people I know in that area.

I did resteem another post similar to yours that I had found earlier in the day; it also had little views, etc

I'm guessing because if you don't live here... it's just not as big of a deal. But I did hear that it could be scene from Wisconsin to Ohio and into Canada.

That's entirely low odds for that to ever happen!

Possible Direct Energy Weaponry....?? OR even extraterrestrial beings themselves...

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