Meteor Crater National Landmark

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On my drive back home from Miami to Seattle I stopped at the Meteor Crater National Landmark and took this photo using my iPhoneX.

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What a great photo. I wish we had the phones to take photos when I was younger, all that time spent with cameras and getting them developed at the drug store seems such a long time ago.

They say you get what you pay for and for that quality pic using a iPhoneX I guess it is worth every penny! Love the pic bro, thanks for sharing.

Fantastic photography !. It looks like a lunar crater. And if you look closely, you will see two people watching

Good shot!

If you like phonetography, take a look at my blog. I've got some (what I think) are pretty good shots, most of them are in my Montana post found here:

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que linda foto ,te invito a ver mi post para que me ayude a tener voto

Beautiful shot, love to see more photographers in here

Damn that is good quality for a phone pic. Might have to get myself an Iphone X now!

Its a great phone. Loving it so far. Go for it @btcvenom

I think I will, is it a huge upgrade from the Iphone 6 or pretty similar? (Besides the camera ofc)

I have not had iPhone in years. I made the switch for security reasons. Compared to the old first gen iPhone I had long ago it’s amazing. My last iPhone was the 5C before going to Android for a few years. I am back on Apple now. The build quality is on another level when comparing it to Android. That I can say for sure.

Oh no, the 5c was SO bad I hated it, no surprise that you switched to android after that haha

Wow! what a great view... Love it and very crispy clear... That iPhone X camera is like wow... Thanks for sharing

Excelente foto, muy interesante. Felicidades por el iphone X captura hermosas fotos.

Wow great photo! never heard of this crater very interesting place to visit

That just made me feel small.. Awesome you had the oportunity to stop there.

There are things more bigger than us.. Right?

wow wonderful picture

Wow! That's scary and cool, not sure which more... That thing is so massive. Imagine there's no technology and this stuff drops on the floor every day :D
Have a nice day - @tonac

This is great photography @n33d4sp33d. When I looked at the picture at the steepshot trending page, I said to my self "this has to be a canon camera" but you totally derailed me with your iPhone X.

whoa, that's noice!

I admit the photo with iphonex is as good as high technology. I am satisfied with your photo..good job

Wow, that is breathtaking.. Hard to believe this was taken with a iphone . Nicely done!

iPhone X! Gotta try it. Great shot! Thanks~

Luar biasa benar benar mantap

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Great picture!

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wow that is absolutely stunning 👌

so baeutyfull post and good work

😯wow , it is so beautiful ❤️

super click. never been to a crater before.

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nice shoot
like and follback 😄

I can not imagine while meteor broke that place... maybe like a bomb higher explosives

There are a lot of them yearly crashing into the earth.Luckely into the sea...

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