Metaphysics and Blockchain Technology ~ Not as Boring as it Might Seem

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I'm including a link here to my article on Medium on the Blockchain and the Flower of Life in sacred geometry.


I've been traveling and posting it 'there' was easier than 'here' because of some odd bandwidth issues on the network. Here is the un-hidden link, so that you can see it is 'mine', followed by why this interests me and how it will become important in how we invest our energy and other resources.

If you popped over to read on Medium, thanks for that. I'm still learning how to more easily and gracefully post things here first, especially on slow transaction speed days.

So why is this infrastructure comparison important? For Steemians, it is important because the foundation of all that we are intending to accomplish here is integrity and freedom. A freedom of integrity in how we relate and how we exchange energy.

Divine infrastructure is based on exactly these principles. I'm not talking religion here. I'm talking building with light. The earth is moving through the galaxy and multiverse in an explosion of photon particles. Literally awash in light. More than ever before. In metaphysical terms, light is the information quotient of the creative principle. It is intelligence.

Not the kind touted by obsolete institutions, but the real deal. Epiphanies. Brilliance. Solutions appearing 'out of the blue' to problems whose energies we have finally moved beyond.

Einstein said it. "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them." And so, here we are, on a new type of platform, interacting in what might appear to be similar-to-the-old ways, but not. Most definitely not. It is what is under the bonnet that counts.

Consider the use of the Fibonacci sequence in trending analysis of cryptocurrencies. The thresholds present in nature 'work' when used in intelligent ways.

As technology follows divine infrastructure or natural flow, it becomes not only sustainable but trust-worthy. So do we. And in the meanwhile, we have smart contracts to keep us aligned with our intentions. Their code can only improve with use and experience. Like we do.


Brilliant, that. Divinely inspired. {again, no presupposed or assumed anthropomorphized 'deity' here... we are all that, we all have this within us}

So how is blockchain technology like sacred geometry? Their architecture is of the same flow of light. What has been hidden for...ever in plain sight is now... in plain view..

How cool is that? And what will we do with the building blocks of divinity?

I live in the 'woo' place and ponder these things. Thanks for joining me for a stroll in the building blocks of nature.

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Great article, thank you. 'Woo' place is wow place too.

Just Love this!
Feeling the Joy repose in my physical body. Light reflecting Light :)


It is! Thanks for seeing that!