Development ideas

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Post your ideas on how to improve upon how the ccg:s could be run on chainBB.

  1. We need a RollBot. Some level of randomness makes more interesting game and forces the storyteller to adapt when the rolls don`t go as planned. Writing Rollbot: d3d4 would roll 3 d4 dices. I have no idea how to make this but should be feasible, right?

  2. Should upvoting be the medium on how the votes are counted? Does it make the games boring for majority of players when a whale can dominate votes or will the cooldown period compensate this? I will test this out in a game and maybe time will tell what would be appropriate.

  3. Leave a comment below if you have some ideas or concerns.


sorry for the spam. last one. noppa12

A roll bot huh? That'd be a cool one and not too hard for someone to build on-chain.

there was one before. Im looking into bringing it back but im still on the phase 1 "Get python installed properly" :)

Hahaha, configuring the environment is half the battle sometimes :D

Test works on steemit but not on chainBB.
for c in steem.stream_comments():
if "testitesti" in c["body"]:
print(c.reply(".. doobidoo"))

The steem.stream_comments bit differs in ChainBB?

.. doobidoo

nevermind... :)

No idea what you're trying to do, so not sure what to tell you here :D