Farming- Turkey Farming 3/3(The shelter)

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Turkey firming can be a way of empowerment for women's who lived in villages and also for those youth generations who are very much passionate about their self-empowerment.


Why turkey ??

  • The turkey has a fast growth. Sometimes even faster than the high growth boiler.
  • The raising turkey doesn't have that much hazard and can be easily raised with the local hens in the village side.
  • The cost is too low that it doesn't need extra foods or special feeds that can take grass and insects in home yard.
  • The fat level is too low that it has high protein value like beef and mutton.
  • Like other birds, the turkey birds does not affect with the disease.
  • It's a beautiful bird.

Has amino acid in its meat that increases the food value of it.

It can be raised in two ways.
Make them free or by building a structure.

If you like to free raise method, then it will be OK 1-acre land for 200-250 birds. You can raise them in your village house where it can take the open grass and the wastages from the kitchen. But you have to be careful about those harmful animals around them. They can eat grasses, worms, small insects, snails, kitchen waste and peeping that is full of high protein. So it has no need to arrange special foods for them. It will be OK if you provide 3-4 vaccines though they have enough strength to fight with normal birds diseases.


If you want to make a shelter then just take care of their shelter can get enough comfort for them. A concrete floor and anything like tin and other elements that protect them from cold and rain are OK for them. Fence from all the four side that helps to air movement. They are adorable to spends their night time. And needs 1 foot or more space to sleep.

There are a clearly a chance to get empowered by turkey firming. Low cost and easy to raise attach youngers and farm administrator to get the concentration.
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