Farming- Turkey Farming 1/3(Introduction)

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Turkey chicken farming.

Though the boilers and other poultry breeds have fulfilled our demand for meat there is a disinclination raise while we are not willing to take poultry meat for several virus attacks and less food value.

Turkey farming can be the new era for poultry farming where it grows fast as boiler and within 5-6 months it can provide 5-6 kg meat. And the fat percentage is too low like beef and mutton, it can serve the replacement of that meat where those are too much costly.


Turkey is a big bird from Meliagridi family. The bird origin from native America but has a huge demand all over the world for its high food value and high growth breed.

Our environment is friendly for the growth of turkey. It can be farmed two ways: 1) openly like other hens are freely move along the home side of the village and 2) building a firm like a boiler and other regular poultry breeds available in our country.

The chance of being sick is too rare for this breeds of chicken. As the can freely move and eat normal foods like grass and normal/ not harmful insects, it becomes strong inside and can long fight with normal bird disease like Bird flu and as usual cold diseases.


It takes 50-60% grass as their daily meal and some insects found in home yard, can eat worms, small insects, snails, kitchen waste and peeping that is full of high protein. That's why the food cost not much for the breeds. And it reaches 5-6 kg within 5-6 months.

The male can be 8-10 kg and the female turkey breed can reach 5-6 kg. Though has a record for a male is reaching 10-15 kg within a year. For having a high food value turkey breeds becoming too much demandable in the market replacing the boiler, mutton, and beef.

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How important do you think it is to encourage turkey farming in Bangladesh?

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