Farming – a way to empowerment poultry farming

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Poultry farming is one of the profitable businesses in Bangladesh where many people, educated or not are involved with it. It needs little space where you can raise too many or you can raise them for egg where its need less space.


Bangladesh has suitable weather for poultry where it gets less sickness and provides more flesh and more profit. The poultry is not as strong as the normal chicken/ hen and needs much care for their health and also feed.

At first, you need a high foundation from the normal level of soil that can protect the poultries from rain and some harmful insects and animals. It does not need wall by concrete. It is necessary to have enough space where air can be easily flown. So you can use wire net or cables or some bamboo fences(popular in village side) that air can easily flow.


The roof can be anything concrete or tin or anything that is capable to protect them from the rain. It needs a warm shelter for the little chicks at an early age. So you can get some funnel-shaped that made by tin used for warming by some electric lighting. This period is so important for healthy poultry.


There are so many breeds in Bangladesh. So select productive breed is so important to get profit. It also depends on the environment that different breeds need different take care. There 3 types of poultry breeds are usually seen in Bangladesh. Broilers, Cockerels, and Layers. All three are highly productive breeds that made you more profit.

Broilers and Cockerels are raised for meat. They are highly productive. Broilers growth rate are too fast. Within 3-4 months they can be ready for sale. They are just a breed that converts food to meat. They need a certain amount of feed that reach the goal weight. But the Cockerels growth rate are slow. Actually, they are the slowest breeds of poultry that needs more time to reach the goal. But they have special demands on the market that their meat is strong and high Nutritional value.

And the layers are raised for the eggs. They also have special demand in the market because the boiler's meat is too soft and now time they are somehow threat for human health.


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