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Inasmuch as a successful business could be profitable and quiet sustainable,it could also be very stressful.

My dad is a business man and I know 6am in the morning doesn't meet him on the bed.

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I have seen business men work from 6 to 6 everyday,I have also seen some that try to balance business with their personal life.

I remember one woman who had a supermarket close to where we lived before,there were certain hours you wouldn't see her around in the shop,it made me curious and one day I decided to ask her,She said she uses that time to rest and refresh then come around later, in my mind I was like..."So this woman really loves her life".

It didn't mean that she didn't want more money but she understood that working for such a very long hour could break her down,some of us work so hard and forget that if anything happens to our health we wouldn't enjoy the fruit of our labour.

Below are some points to help you manage business stress.

  • EAT HEALTHY:When you work everyday,you loose energy and as such you need to eat balanced meals to help you replenish looking healthy and strong everyday, always try to have something little in the morning before going out,don't skip your breakfast.

  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS: You enjoy what you do more when you have a healthy relationship with customers,in such a way that they could trust you,and count on you to deliver anytime,that way you are happy doing business.

  • CONSIDER EMPLOYING SOME PEOPLE: This is dependent on how big your business is, obviously you cannot do it alone,you need people to help and those that can stand in for you when you need attend to other aspects of your life.

  • TAKE SOME TIME OFF: I have seen people who work everyday including on Sundays,it's true we need more money but it's also good to deliberately make out time to rest so that it doesn't tell on your health,if you break down you would end up spending the money in the hospital, so make out time to catch some fun.

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This is very inspirational, you took your time to break it down... Thanks a lot, I gained a bunch

Am glad you found my post useful,thanks for dropping by

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A good reminder .During my stressful day i will always think of your advices .thanks for sharing .

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Thank you so much for dropping by,am glad I could share

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