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When I want to hear one of my favorite songs to listen to, I go to the internet. I search for Jerusalem the City of God by the Hoppers. The Hoppers is a family singing group. They have a video singing this song in Jerusalem. It is extremely powerful. You can feel the Spirit of the Lord while they are singing, and it looks like they feel His presence as they sing.

This other video with a similar name would always pop-up too, when I searched. One day I decided to listen to it. I started liking this song too.
I don't think it is popular or well known. If you listen, it's a song that can grow on you. All the sights are enjoyable to see as well. So I am sharing -

Jerusalem : City of God - YouTube
Video for jerusalem the city of god▶ 3:14

Jan 15, 2011 - Uploaded by Jacques Hugo
Song by Kevin Knott on his album : Apples of Gold.

Hope it blesses.


Indeed a very beautiful song. I am always touched by spiritual music of ALL great religions. However it makes me so sad that the other side of the coin often shows its ugly dark face of deceive and destruction.

As human beings we are flawed. And we are very easily deceived. With our gift of free choice, people can really destroy mankind and all that is in the world.
Our hope is not in religion, it is in "the way, the truth, and the life."
Thanks for replying.

The song about Jerusalem in my opinion can not leave indifferent the believing person !!!

Thank you so much. This video was probably for you as well.
God bless and keep you and all your family.

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