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  ·  last month (edited)

Because I do not agree with your attitudes @brittandjosie in wanting to harm others. We all want steem to evolve, this cannot be exclusive to just a few. We are doing work in our community for this but you have only been harming. I do not understand the work you do in wanting to harm others for your own benefit.

Who did I harm ???

Ohhhhhhhhh after some research I see ! You are connected to lourdinha well vote away with a wallet with 00,00 it doesn’t harm me. And do your research than you will see I do VERY much here.

I wish you a great day and a flourishing steemit journey

And you continue @brittandjosie. Your way doesn't change does it? Always wanting to harm others for their own benefit. I feel sorry for you. May life take charge of bringing you some light. May your soul be forgiven for the evils you do. And stop targeting only steem money. That helps to grow the network and not only to earn rewards for their own benefit. I finish here, hope you don't answer me. Thanks!

Thank you for this enlightening comment eventhough it’s copy pasted, this is fun.
Have a great Halloween

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