5 Reasons Why Telegram Was Just the Beginning for Modern Communication

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With 200 million users and $1.7 billion in funding, Telegram has enjoyed an extraordinary run, but the messaging app is not without its shortcomings and is being threatened by a new generation of communication technologies.

Led by NYNJA, an up-and-coming crop of competitors are integrating new blockchain features that will change the face of messaging as we know it, and could render Telegram obsolete. Here’s why:

1. Video void.

Want to initiate a video call? Don’t look to Telegram, where the best you can do is share a link to third party applications for video conferencing, taking you away from the app itself.

NYNJA will launch with a host of advanced communication features, including video calling and conference calls, video messages, message scheduling and compatibility with Alexa and other devices such as Google Home.

2. Integrated payments.

Want to pay your friends or colleagues? Not on Telegram. While it has opened up its Bot Payments API for paying merchants, you’ll have to find another application to pay your people.

With NYNJA, a secure payment layer is resident to its virtual operating system (vOS), enabling users to pay each other with NYNJAcoin or other cryptocurrency, instantly and globally, without leaving the platform.

3. Where are my people?

Good luck finding your friends on Telegram. If you’ve added someone by their username or contact card, its search functionality makes it hard to find them later. Adding them to groups is impossible if you don’t also have their phone number in your contacts, which is very frustrating.

NYNJA integrates seamlessly with your phone book and search results make it easy to find anyone with whom you’re already connected and to add them to your business or personal contacts and groups.

4. Need multiple accounts and profiles?

There’s no easy way to appear as different personas — it’s possible to create multiple accounts in the Android app, but only if you have a different phone number for each one.

With NYNJA, it’s easy to have multiple personal or business accounts, allowing you to manage individual and group chats separately and to easily move in and out of each profile.

5. Getting work done.

Telegram is limited exclusively to messaging, which is fine, except that the blockchain opens up so much potential for innovative new features that simply weren’t possible until now.

In the NYNJA Marketplace, for example, users can instantly hire people with verified skills to get work done. Assignments can be made by simply holding down on a message bubble such as a file and payments are held in smart contracts, giving both parties assurances before funds are released, which happens immediately and directly.

As a virtual operating system for the blockchain, NYNJA’s communication and payments layer is built directly into its vOS, creating a single encrypted platform where users’ data is encrypted and secure and cryptocurrency payments can be made securely and instantaneously. Plus, users can store files, photos and videos directly to the blockchain, where they can be time-stamped and validated for access outside the NYNJA platform long into the future.

For more information and to sign up for participation in the beta, visit http://nynja.io.

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