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Can money bring happiness? He killed himself to make money, and finally he bought a car and a house, but he got sick. Therefore, he could not help reflecting on what a happy life is.

I have always wondered why people who do not have money have to support so many needs, and I am sorry because I think they have never known happiness, since they have never had a car, brand clothes, travel, delicious meals, among others. ...
But I never thought that in the middle of the town it was where the presence of GOD really felt, and therefore, it was there that Jesus had his eyes on.


I say this because one day I spoke with a very humble person with low economic resources, who had dirty clothes and broken shoes, but in his eyes reflected the happiness of his heart, and thanked GOD for everything, and it was then that he understood that Money is just a mistake that takes us away from GOD, and gives us false and passing happiness

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