🔬#MESExperiments 6: Gyroscopes Precess with ZERO Centripetal Force on Ice EVEN at Horizontal Angle!

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In #MESExperiments number 6, I repeat my 5th experiment of a precessing gyroscope on ice but this time set the gyroscope at a near horizontal angle. And yet again the gyroscope demonstrates the (mainstream) physics-defying ability to magically precess with ZERO centripetal force, at sufficient gyro spin rate. In other words, the gyroscope precess as if it magically lost all its “mass” and thus generating ZERO “horizontal force” at the stem; and as explained in Experiment number 4, the gyroscope literally precesses without “angular momentum”. This is some truly mind-boggling properties of gyroscopes which, if viewed with the critical eye, requires a re-writing of centuries old (mainstream) physics textbooks and even science in general.

Once the gyroscope loses spin speed, the “centripetal force” gradually increases which can be seen by the stem of the gyroscope moving in a circular direction on the near frictionless ice surface.

But even at these slower spin speeds, the amount of “centripetal force” is almost negligible. This is because, as shown in my earlier experiments, it just takes an incredibly small amount of “friction” to hold the gyroscope in place. And in fact it is this gyroscope’s magical property of seemingly behave “massless” that allows it to precess perfectly balanced even on the tip of your finger.

I can’t stress how monumental and game-changing these HIDDEN-IN-PLAIN-SITE properties of gyroscopes, because after all a gyroscope is essentially a constrained spinning top, and which a spinning top itself is just matter in rotation… Which begs the questions what is “matter” and why does rotation magically change its properties?

Stay Tuned for #MESExperiments Number 7!

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