🔬#MESExperiments 5: Gyroscopes Precess UPWARDS on Ice with ZERO Centripetal Force! #RealPhysics (Notes)

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In #MESExperiments Part 5, I demonstrate one of the most hidden IN PLAIN SIGHT properties of gyroscopes: They can precess with ZERO “centripetal force”. I demonstrate this by placing a super precision gyroscope on ice to limit any “friction” and just watch the gyroscope magically rise UPWARDS while the ice cube hardly moves horizontally. In contrast, the “centripetal force” is evident in the case of an Olympic Hammer Throw in which the heavy ball on a chain requires great strength to “pull” the ball inwards as it is spun in a circle. This “inwards” pulling by the thrower, and “outwards” force of the ball is the “centripetal force”; and is the very same force that is NON-EXISTENT when a gyroscope precesses with a sufficient spin rate.

In my experiment, I placed the gyroscope on a plastic “shirt button” which was itself placed on a metal disc placed on the ice cube. I used this particular set up to provide a more stable base for the plastic button, while at the same time not restrict the rotational movement of the outer gyroscope casing and stem; this is done to allow the gyroscope to MAGICALLY rise upwards. I will explain in detail in later videos, but it appears that the gyroscope’s ability to rise upwards requires that extremely low “rotational friction” is present at the point where the stem of the gyro contacts the base. #StayTuned #FascinatingStuff

I initially place the gyroscope at approximately 40 degrees from the vertical and watch as it precesses gradually upwards, and with almost ZERO horizontal movement; i.e. ZERO “centripetal force”! What’s also interesting is the noise that the gyroscope makes as it precesses, which once fully risen almost fully and eerily disappears.

Another fascinating observation is that the base, the ice cube, and the outer casing of the gyroscope and stem behave as a single unit and turn in unison. This further demonstrates that the very little “friction” that the spinning gyro wheel causes the outer casing to rotate, also causes the ice cube to rotate; i.e. the friction between the ice cube and the ground is extremely small. This “unison rotation” is at its peak rate when the gyroscope is perfectly vertical and rotates this way for a full 2 minutes with very little wobble!

As the gyroscope loses spin speed, the gyroscope begins to precess again but this time the ice cube gradually moves horizontally in a circular fashion that spirals outwards as the gyroscope precession angle drops and the spin rate lowers. In other words, the “centripetal force” could be said to magically appear. Where was it in the first place??!

At even lower spin speeds and very steep angles, the gyroscope precesses in a LARGE circle but still in magical gyro-typical control! If this isn’t magic, I don’t know what is!

I have also included several tests near the end as the gyroscope loses even more speed. In the later tests I removed the plastic base and just used the more rigid metal ring. This set up allows for a near perfectly horizontal, and yet again magically gyro controlled, precession/spiral at a very large circular radius path.

And even when the gyroscope manages to spin off the circular ring grove, it STILL magically hangs on in complete control as it precesses in rapid large radius spirals. This begs the question: How can the “Centripetal Force” manage to move the ice cube in large circles, yet not even knock off the gyroscope completely off the base? I am of the view that to adequately answer this we need to completely re-examine the very notion of “centripetal force”, because in my view the current mainstream understanding is almost wholly and fundamentally wrong.

Also as a final check I make sure the surface is level.

Now what to make of these findings? I have spent the great deal of this past week going over experiment after experiment to get the perfect video to fully demonstrate these magical properties of gyroscopes. But this was mainly to remove all doubt as to what our eyes have been telling us all along when simply balancing a precessing gyroscope on our fingertip, but if only we had the mind to comprehend… #MagicInPlainSite

Stay Tuned for #MESExperiments Number 6!

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