🔬#MESExperiments 17: Gyroscopes Can Even Rise on a Slanted Needle

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In #MESExperiments 17 I demonstrate that even on a slanted needle a gyroscope can magically rise on its own. This demonstrates that a gyroscope's self-balancing mechanism does not require a vertical, symmetrical, or even centered base to precess about. The needle was tilted at 24° and the starting gyroscope tilt angle was 32°; note that both angles are measured from the vertical. The gyro, as on the vertical needle in Experiment 16, rises very quickly and this time rises in 23 seconds.

#MESExperiments 17 Gyro Rising on Slanted  Needle.jpeg

This experiment also illustrates the magical behavior of gyroscopes to modify their “inertia”, effectively disappearing and reappearing their “mass”. This is shown by initially the gyroscope precesses with zero horizontal movement of the overall needle/clamp base but then magically regains this “mass” as the gyro speed slows down and spirals downwards while moving the entire base aggressively to the left and just before the gyro throws itself off. Magical stuff!

Screenshots of the Experiment Progression

The original unedited gyro video is shown here: https://youtu.be/2tkkiGtsnpI

The sequence of events is listed below as well as the screenshots of the experiment.

  • Needle tilt angle from the vertical: 24°
  • Initial gyro angle: 32°
  • Time to rise: (0:28 - 0:05) = 23 seconds.
  • Sleep time: (1:06 - 0:28) = 38 seconds.
  • Time to fall: (1:18 - 0:05) = 1:13 = 73 seconds.

Gyro Weight and Needle Width Measurements

The weight and needle width measurements are illustrated in Experiment 16 and are listed below: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-16-gyroscopes-can-even-rise-on-the-tip-of-a-thin-needle-wow

The weight of the gyroscope is 100.29 grams.

Toy Gyroscope 100.29 g.JPG

Close ups of the needle (from Experiment 16) are shown in the following screenshots.

The needle had a width of about 0.5 mm.

Needle for Gyroscope Experiments 0.3 mm.JPG

Stay Tuned for #MESExperiments 18…

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