🔬#MESExperiments: MES Science Experiments

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Here is a compilation of all the links, videos, and notes of my game-changing #MESExperiments Video Series. This compilation will be constantly updated as new parts are added so make sure to bookmark this post!

Links to All Notes

Relevant Links to Other Series

🔬#MESExperiments - Introduction to MES Science Experiments!

#MESExperiments 0 - Introduction to MES Science Experiments.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-introduction-to-mes-science-experiments

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 1: Gyroscopes Precess UPWARDS on Low Friction & Rotating Surfaces

#MESExperiments 1 - Gyro Precesses Upwards on Low Friction.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-1-gyroscopes-precess-upwards-on-low-friction-and-rotating-surfaces

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 2: Super Precision Gyroscope Precesses UPWARDS Even at Super Steep Angle!


Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-2-super-precision-gyroscope-precesses-upwards-even-at-super-steep-angle

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 3: Gyroscopes Exert 'Inertial Forces' With ZERO Loss of Spin Rate! #FreeEnergy

#MESExperiments 3 Gyroscope Exert Force with No Loss of Energy.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-3-gyroscopes-exert-inertial-forces-with-zero-loss-of-spin-rate-freeenergy

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 4: Gyroscopes Precess with ZERO ‘Angular Momentum’ #TheEtherExists

#MESExperiments 4 Gyroscopes Precess with ZERO Angular Momentum.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-4-gyroscopes-precess-with-zero-angular-momentum-theetherexists

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 5: Gyroscopes Precess UPWARDS on Ice with ZERO Centripetal Force! #RealPhysics

#MESExperiments 5 Gyroscopes Precess Upwards on Ice with Zero Centripetal Force.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-5-gyroscopes-precess-upwards-on-ice-with-zero-centripetal-force-realphysics

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 6: Gyroscopes Precess with ZERO Centripetal Force on Ice EVEN at Horizontal Angle!

#MESExperiments 6 Gyroscopes Precess on Ice with Zero Centripetal Force Horizontal.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-6-gyroscopes-precess-with-zero-centripetal-force-on-ice-even-at-horizontal-angle

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 7: Gyroscopes Precess UPWARDS on Ice Even While Outer Casing Spins #Magic

#MESExperiments 7 Gyroscopes Precess up on Ice while Spinning Outer Case.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-7-gyroscopes-precess-upwards-on-ice-even-while-outer-casing-spins-magic

🔬#MESExperiments 8: Large Gyro Wheel Precesses at 1000X Torque Over-Unity #FreeEnergy

#MESExperiments 8 Gyrowheel 1000X Torque Over Unity.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-8-large-gyro-wheel-precesses-at-1000x-torque-over-unity-freeenergy

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 9: Gyroscope With Counterweight Hung on a String Rises 'DOWNWARDS'! #MagicX1000

#MESExperiments 9 Gyroscope on String Rises Downwards.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-9-gyroscope-with-counterweight-hung-on-a-string-rises-downwards-magicx1000

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 10: Gyroscopes on a String Can Rise But Not if Sufficient Counterweight is Added

#MESExperiments 10 Gyroscope Rises With No Counterweight.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-10-gyroscopes-on-a-string-can-rise-but-not-if-sufficient-counterweight-is-added

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 11: Increasing Gyroscope Spin Speed Doesn't Necessarily Increase Rising Rate

#MESExperiments 11 Gyroscopes Rising vs Spin Speed.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-11-increasing-gyroscope-spin-speed-doesn-t-necessarily-increase-rising-rate

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 12: Gyroscopes at Steeper Angles Usually Means Exponentially Longer Rising Times

#MESExperiments 12 Gyroscope Angles vs Rising.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-12-gyroscopes-at-steeper-angles-usually-means-exponentially-longer-rising-times

Watch Video On:

🔬#MESExperiments 13: Steepest Gyroscope Rising Experiment Ever! 74 Degrees from the Vertical #MAGIC

#MESExperiments 13 Steepest Gyroscope Rising Ever.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-13-steepest-gyroscope-rising-experiment-ever-74-degrees-from-the-vertical-magic

Watch Video On:

#MESExperiments 14: Angle of Gyroscope Has Little Effect on Rate/Period of Precession #Interesting

#MESExperiments 14.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-14-angle-of-gyroscope-has-little-effect-on-rate-period-of-precession-interesting

Watch Video On:

#MESExperiments 15: Gyroscopes Tend to Rise Until Precession Rate Has Peaked #Interesting

#MESExperiments 15.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-15-gyroscopes-tend-to-rise-until-precession-rate-has-peaked-interesting

Watch Video On:

#MESExperiments 16: Gyroscopes Can Even Rise on the Tip of a Thin Needle! #WOW

#MESExperiments 16 Gyro Rising on Vertical Needle.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-16-gyroscopes-can-even-rise-on-the-tip-of-a-thin-needle-wow

Watch Video On:

#MESExperiments 17: Gyroscopes Can Even Rise on a Slanted Needle

#MESExperiments 17 Gyro Rising on Slanted  Needle.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-17-gyroscopes-can-even-rise-on-a-slanted-needle

Watch Video On:

#MESExperiments 18: Gyroscopes Even Rise on a Flimsy Rotating Needle

#MESExperiments 18 Gyro Rising on Flimsy Needle.jpeg

Steemit Notes: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-18-gyroscopes-even-rise-on-a-flimsy-rotating-needle

Watch Video On:

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