How to Easily Mine Crypto Currencies for Gamers with Merito

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Found an interesting service that might be of use to gamers as well as normal users that might want to get their computer mining crypto currencies and earning actual cash without the need to get too much into the whole topic. The service is called Merito and is targeted mostly at gamers as they already have a higher-end video card for gaming available that can mine crypto currencies pretty well. Other non-advanced and non-crypto users can also try it and see what they can earn, but if they do not have a high-end PC then the profit will most likely not be that much.

Here is a simple and quick introduction video for the service that is supposed to get you to understand how it works and where the money comes from. According to the service operators the monthly earnings using their software should be between $30 and $60 USD per month, though that can greatly vary from computer to computer. With the current boom of crypto coins and altcoins especially you might easily be able to get even more with a decent PC configuration. It is best that you try and see what works for you and what estimate the software will give you when you run it on your computer.

Do note that you need to register first an account on the official website and then just enter the email address you used for the registration process in the software and click on the Start button. Soon after that the software should start mining (depending on your Settings) and you should see an estimate on what your computer might be able to earn in a month. The software also displays your current balance in USD (what you have mined so far), though there might be a slight delay between the updates of the actual balance.


Merito is essentially a GUI or a graphical user interface for easy use with a few simple options. The software can mine on your processor as well as your video card (you can choose either or both of them) as well as how and when the software should be running (mining). The best choice is probably to activate the option to use the computer for mining when you are not using it for a while and of course you can set a time frame such as during the night when you want to have it mine for you.

The software talks in dollars and gets you money via PayPal (or you can use the earnings to get games), it does not bother you with specific crypto currencies and such. Again this might be useful for the people that are interested in earning actual money and don't want to dig deep into crypto currencies and have a decent PC that can be used for mining. More advanced users will of course prefer to go mining specific crypto coins and manage them - trading for higher profit or selling when the price is right.

As a backend Merito uses actual miners, a CPU miner for Monero (XMR) and a GPU miner for Zcash (ZEC) actually mining in a mining pool then the service operators sell the mined coins and pay you in US dollars via PayPal. It is possible that the miners and the crypto coins mined can be changed at a later time to match more profitable ones, but for the moment they use ZEC and XMR miners.

I have tried Merito out of curiosity and it seems to be pretty well made and most of all very easy to use by novice users that are not into crypto mining, but as an advanced user this is not for me. I prefer the good old miners directly and more advanced options and data about the actual mining process. Still Merito may give an interesting alternative to mining for gamers and/or users that still do not want to dig deep into crypto currencies and understand the whole thing. If you do try the service, feel free to leave your opinion about it.

If you have a question or want to add something, then please leave a comment below.

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Interesting didn't know about this, i must try it, thank's for such a good info.


It is a relatively new service and not very popular yet as they are targeting mostly gamers and it is not so easy to convince them if they don't know/care about crypto currencies.


They will be now Steam accept BTC as payment for games it is a little step but it is something.

good thing...for me, I prefer more advance...but at least we have merito as options