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RE: Updated Project Vision

in #merge-rewards2 years ago

Hi mkt, this project looks very good.

Have you considered integrate it with the steem proposals? instead of delegations, merge-rewards get SBD (no need to create posts and vote them). And then this budget is used to reward github contributions.

For instance, merge-rewards creates 5 proposals in SPS that do not expire. Each one with a different payment (from $1 to $500 daily) and let the stakeholders decide how much they want to contribute.


Sorry, I think that $500 is a lot. Maybe a lower value. The inflation gives 8000 steem per day to sps and 1/100th of the budget is used per day.

No I didn't consider this. I think I need to read a little bit more about this. I heard about it but didn't read everything. Thanks!