Mercury Retrograde Aug 12th - Sept 5th

Fractal Weather Report: Mercury Retrograde Aug 12th - Sept 5th

1 minute video of me talking about this:

Astro Details:
Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th.
Mercury Retrograde August 12th - September 5th.
Solar Eclipse in Leo during the retrograde on August 21st.

Powerfully Navigating this Mercury Retrograde:

Expect Lightning Bolts to hit some foundations in our lives.

Possible revisitation by loved ones passed on with guidance about future events.

Focus on making perfect foundations for creativity, more than New Creativity.

The path isn't always clear and destination changes. Bringing power to the moment is best navigation.

Perfect day over perfect outcome.

Show the universe you mean business!

Complete blog post:IMG-4675.JPG

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