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What is Mercatox?

Based in the UK, Mercatox is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with more than 280,000 users. As well as offering popular cryptos like bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, it allows traders to access an extensive list of other, rarer cryptocurrencies.

Mercatox also provides an e-wallet with which you can store multiple digital currencies and has plans to launch a peer-to-peer lending platform to allow investors to loan money to cryptocurrency traders.

Website : https://mercatox.com
Feature Mercatox?
✅ Buy/sell 120+ cryptocurrencies
✅ Crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto trading
✅ Multiple payment methods
✅ Multi-currency ewallet

Mercatox uses its very own trading token with the help of which everything is very sorted. The trading token that the platform makes use of is called Merca, which is very impressive and has excellent volumes of trading.

On the contrary, it also holds on to franchise partnership. With the help of this, people who belong to the platform get an opportunity to have their very own franchise partnership with anyone they want. All they have to do is integrate the websites of Mercatox with that of the users. This will help them to carry on with their franchise partnership.

Mercatox also provides a margin trading opportunity for the people using which the traders will be able to buy as many coins as they want. Along with that, it will also provide them with several professional tools using which they can get hold of very high income in the coming future.


Mercatox is a program that ends with attracting more and more new users close to its platform. It does so by means of referral. Anyone belonging to the platforms can refer the platform and its advantages to anyone they wish. This is going to make the site and the brand very known and popular in the coming time.