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If any project needs funds it collects from peoples, when anyone has a proposal for the project it is funded by team & if anyone collects funds for charity it is funded by other peoples. In all the conditions anyone is paying. But suppose if it can be self-funded by voting and nobody have to pay it. You will think Nah! It is impossible but now it is possible thanks to Meraki for bringing an amazing infrastructure.

What is Meraki


Meraki is the world’s first fully decentralized crowdfunding platform with cryptocurrency built-in. It introduced such an infrastructure that can release funds for the development of the Meraki platform and also for charity. Meraki DAO is the currency of Meraki network. The process of funding in Meraki is called Meraki Proposal System.

Meraki Proposal System

Meraki team and community members can submit proposals regarding Meraki development, marketing, and charity. The Masternode owners will vote on the proposal if the majority of peoples are with the proposal, the proposal will be accepted. Otherwise, it will be rejected. The proposal funds are in MEK and are funded to the proposal owner address. The MEK are generated from the portion of Charity or Meraki development part of reward distribution.

Meraki DAO

Meraki DAO (MEK) is the cryptocurrency used by the Meraki network. The governance of Meraki DAO is fast, efficient and very purposeful due to financial incentives. Meraki is an open source cryptocurrency and is a form of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). It's a cryptocurrency that was born in because of better distribution of the block reward. Technology (made by Dash core team) called "Chainlocks" that prevent 51% enable better block distribution because there is no need for 45% reward for miners to secure the blockchain. Meraki provide secure and quick transaction that can be untraceable. The main is feature of the coin the minimum supply of 20 Million Coins.


Meraki is a Masternode coin. And it is safest and the most profitable masternode coin on the market. It's masternode collateral is 1000 MEK and it gives 222 MEK after 30 days it is 267% gain. The Meraki coin has a very limited supply of 20 Million.


Meraki also supports mining. With POS and MN, It is also a POW Coin with x17 algorithm that supports computer mining. You can mine Meraki by just mining in your computer. Mining is the process of solving difficult problems from which a block generates. Mining put the block forward. You can earn MEK my mining it from your computer.

Meraki Specs and rewards


Meraki Features

Below are some more features of Meraki.
• Meraki InstantSend allows global transactions in 1.3 sec.
• Meraki PrivateSend protects your privacy and gives fungibility to the currency.
• The Meraki Blockchain is stored on decentralized servers and is more secure than a centralized database.
• Meraki works internationally all that is required is power and internet.
• Meraki does not need for banks or payment processors thanks to its decentralized organizational structure.
• With Meraki you are in full control of your own money. You are your bank.
• Low transactions fees 0.01 euro or less.

Meraki Future

Meraki future is looking so bright. The main reason behind it is its limited supply of 20 Million. The peoples are buying Meraki more than selling. Nobody wants to sell their Masternode because it is making a passive income without doing anything. In this way, peoples will buy MEK and not sell it due to the limited supply of coins and sell sellers the demand forMeraki will increase, Thus the price will increase you will not only get the profit that Masternode generates but the profit because of the gain in price.

Official Links

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  • Exchange

    Here are the exchanges on which Meraki is listed and from here you can buy it
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