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An open minded people looks all the pros and cons rather than be centric on one particular thing. A open minded always remain active and helps themselves to live a happy life. Once the people mindset get centric they will look at only one aspect and ignoring the other aspect. Restricting the life to blossom . The best way is to have a fully grown and developed mindset that can see and judge the positivity as well as negativity on particular thing.

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This is wonderful. Love this. Once we have chosen to narrow down our mindset, we fail to blossom because we will fail to learn what we need to learn to make our lives better. An open mind would always stand anyone in a good place and at an advantage anywhere in life. An open mind learns faster and move quicker.

Thanks a lot for this brilliant contribution, my friend.

Narrow minded people unable to see the diversity or the different rays of hope and chances...they keep looking at a single direction ...avoiding other life prospectives.

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Yes, looking in a single direction will rob you of many side opportunities that are available. It deprives and robs but not many people understand. Keeping an open mind is the best and key to new discoveries.