10,000 Hours -- Day 4

I hate the DMV


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The past week has been a little rough on me. It started with a seemingly insignificant event, when I woke up to our Wifi being cut off. I had planned to spend the day(s) on Steemit as my car was still in the shop; along with my usual dog-play in the woods. But, it wasn't really a big deal at first.

Our house is in a complete dead zone in terms of reception. Therefore, I kind of rely on Wifi in order for my cell phone to work. So, I went for a walk to call the mechanic but before I got a chance to a voicemail from him came through that confirmed my worst fears. My car can get up to VT inspection without a ton of money going into it, but it most likely wasn't going to make it cross country.

I had been expecting this so I guess it was somewhat of a sign. It broke my heart a little though. I love my car and it's very sentimental to me for reasons other than I'd want to discuss. But, given my upcoming trip and the type of vehicle we'll need- it's probably for the better.

The room mate(s) responsible for the Wifi live in New York during the off-winter season to work construction. So, given it would probably be a few days before we had our internet back, I set myself up a little spot in the driveway where I found a bar of service, and began looking at cars. The type of car I need is a little out of my price range so I'm looking at loans and shit and a bunch of other boring shit that y'all probably don't want to hear about. I have absolutely no credit so it's gonna be a fun ride.

While I was sitting out in the driveway one of my room mates Connor left the house and started up his car. We talked for a few minutes before he took off for town. I went inside after he left to refill my coffee and walked in the door to this:


I bought Raiden a new, more expensive and healthier dog food recently and he has not been hyped at all. I bought a bag of his old food and did the mix thing for awhile, which he was somewhat okay with, but he's just been being a bastard the whole time. He has gotten into the trash so much that even though the door slides fully shut I've started having to leave my safe in front of it so he won't open the drawer. He steals any piece of food he can and has even managed to open the fridge once to devour half a buffalo chicken pizza and over two pounds of mac and cheese.

This is a new low though. He tried to hop off the counter as soon as I walked in(he seemed surprised, I think he thought I left with my room mate) but I made him stay for the shaming picture. At the time I thought there was no food on the counter and he got up there for nothing; but then another room mate of mine informed me that there was a whole stick of butter in the licked clean butter dish you can see on the left side of the picture.

So I put him up in the attic(that's our bedroom- not as bad as it sounds) for the rest of the afternoon to think about what he did. I don't think it worked.


I've gotten to a point again where I'm just really, really antsy to take off. We've got a lot of places to go, and I'm hoping to be back in Vermont around the end of December(maybe) so the gap is getting narrower and narrower. Maybe I won't come back east until later but I don't know- as the winter season approaches I'm getting more and more torn. All my friends are here and they will all be on hill together soon. I was offered a (possibly) free pass to our local mountain, which is extra incentive to stick around. I don't know. I just need to get in the car and go.

Other than getting ready for the trip/planning/being confused I've been trying to keep myself busy at the dirt jumps I mentioned in my last post and the local DIY skatepark. I love going to Trevor's to work on the jumps and have been getting way more into biking. Trevor is a higher-up at the local mountain and was the one that mentioned the possibility of a free pass yesterday; so that coupled with the fact he's been sending me bikes for sale constantly I think was meant to pressure me to buy a bike. I love working in his woods and I can totally see myself building bike trails on my land, whenever and wherever that happens.


The other fun local project I mentioned was the local skatepark. Some years ago a few guys poured some concrete to make a little park on the grounds of the elementary school. I never really skated here when I was younger so I'm not sure if the ramps were ever very good, but they are pretty trash at this point. The pavement is incredibly rough as well, and with my hard ass wheels I have to pretty much push as hard as I can to be able to skate anything.

This summer a bunch of local guys started to try to change that, however, and I got involved a few months ago. I would explain to you exactly what we've done so far, but I feel as though it should be pretty obvious in the photos what's new and what's not. We still have plenty of work to do and want to continue to add to it over years, but it's coming along.


I made Raiden a new skateboard but he broke it. I don't really think it was his fault, lol. I'll take some pictures and talk about that tomorrow, possibly, I don't know. That's all I really got for now, though. We got Wifi back yesterday but after a long day of digging/riding/building/skating, I was too exhausted to do anything last night and just watched a bunch of Simpsons instead of catching up on Steemit. It's freezing cold here, so I guess I'll probably spend the rest of my afternoon doing that. Hopefully I make it through everything I've missed!

Despite all the bullshit I'm starting to feel a little happier and more stable every day when I wake up. I attribute most of that to my upcoming trip. Stay gold.



10,000 hours is my personal blog series about my battles with mental health, and my abandonment of "normal" life in search of a more organic happiness. The title is based on the theory by Swedish psychologist K. Anders Ericsson of the same name that implies that anything can be mastered with 10,000 hours of work. I am applying it to traveling and spending as much time as possible doing what makes me happy and overcoming the hurdles along the way. Obviously I'm not keepin track of hours, it's just a title. If anyone is having problems with mental health please feel free to reach out <3


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Ayayayaya I feel you Bro!!!

Despite all the bullshit I'm starting to feel a little happier and more stable every day when I wake up. I attribute most of that to my upcoming trip. Stay gold.

That's whats up :) <333 Right on!! Sending lots of high vibes your way my friend!

Thanks man! <3

yummmyyyy buddy ate the budderrr <333

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This is an awesome idea for a series! I'm so glad I bumped into you on #steemitbloggers this morning. I've been struggling with depression & anxiety for years, which was compounded recently by my diagnosis of Essential Tremor/Fibro/Osteoarthitis (good things come in threes, right? LOL). Happy to make your acquataince, and I look forward to reading more about your journey. Brightest of blessings to you.

Stay golden dude. Damn, that’s a shit tub of butter.

Say hey, you ever heard of the new ONO social media platform? I’ll send ya an invite link, but don’t really want to do it public. Peace and bummer on the car. I know the feels, my ride has been a money pit and it’s still making squeaks and squeals. 🤦‍♂️

yeah he had the weirdest smelling puke you could imagine after that. I’ve heard of ONO.. that’s an EOS one right? Unless I’m getting confused.. either way I’m definitely interested and would be excited to try it out. Do you have discord? If so, Herbert Holmes#0041

No dude, I don’t have a Discord.

Word. Well if you want to shoot it to [email protected] I would be stoked to check it out!

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