Too broken and exhausted to go on... :(
But too strong to give up. :)
A mix of optimism, and outright hatred of self and everything.
Neverending pain, but brief moments of happiness seemingly making it all worthwhile.
Thanks for your post.

Exactly right! This mixture is precisely what is going on...glad to see the essence of my ramble made some sense outside of my own Right down to the core...I feel both devastated at my current situation and hopeful for better days. In a strange sort of way...both of these emotions work in synergy to motivate me. Thank you for reading! <3

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One thing that I've learned in this life is that every day is a blessing. Even the really "bad" days. Keep the faith and try to stay in a positive mindset.

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Thank you! I will do my best to stay positive. At least the bad days allow me to look forward to the better ones. <3

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Just read your instagram post. Before you go, please give the alliance here at steemit a try. I haven't been here for long but the alliance has shown me lots of love. They are a very caring, supportive group and take care of their family.