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Fatigue affects everyone. 47% of French people, of all age groups, report having gone through periods of fatigue during the year. In the event of temporary tiredness, it is necessary to react because this fall of diet has many consequences on your daily life: nervousness, irritability, insomnia, migraines, muscular pains, disturbances of the attention and the memory, or digestive disequilibrium. In addition, there is a decrease in lymphocytes in the blood. The result: being on the kneecaps makes you more susceptible to all kinds of infections.

Fortunately, there are natural and effective remedies that will restore your vitality. Discover them in the following pages!

Fruits and vegetables that will give you a boost

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Like a car, our body needs a good fuel to move forward. Food is the primary source of energy.

Choose fruit such as blackcurrant, blueberry, grapefruit, kiwi and orange, and opt for vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, radish, zucchini and mushrooms.
Oleaginous fruits (hazelnut, almond, pistachio) are highly recommended as well as dark chocolate and tea.

Meat side

Plan d’attaque pour retrouver votre tonus.png

If you can not do without meat then adopt the following rules. Think of lean meats and white and forget for a time the dishes in sauce. It is best to limit meat consumption three to four times a week. Fish are however strongly recommended because they are rich in iron and amino acids.

Prefer low-fat cooking

Plan d’attaque pour retrouver votre tonus.png

Avoid fats that slow down your body. Think about lighter cooking techniques like grilling, steaming, and papillotes.




Some plants will bring you tone and you can prepare them as herbal teas or infusions. Among the best examples: ginger. For example, peel a piece of ginger, cut it into thin strips and let it steep in hot water for 10 minutes. Drink this potion of energy in the morning to start the day off right!




Ginseng is strongly recommended. Moreover, these anti-fatigue properties have been used for millennia and the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the use of this plant in the fight against fatigue. However, wild ginseng is listed as an endangered plant, making it increasingly difficult to obtain quality ginseng. You should also know that the older ginseng (over 6 years), the better the quality of its active ingredients. Buy it in a pharmacy or at an organic store.




If your fatigue is accompanied by digestive problems, think of rosemary herbal teas. Indeed, this plant, which grows in the Mediterranean surrounds contains 1,8-cineole, a chemical compound that not only improves intellectual performance, but also fight against fatigue.




There are all kinds of fatigue. In case of nervous exhaustion, think of the marjoram. You can heat a cup of milk with a fresh marjoram leaf and bring to a boil. Then after infusing, add a teaspoon of honey. And voila.

Baths with plants



You understand, some plants can give you a boost. You can also use them in your baths. In this case, we speak of "baths". To do this, run a hot bath (37-38 °), prepare during this time a bowl in which you put fresh stimulating plants such as basil, mint, bay leaves, sage, thyme, pine. Add on this composition a liter of boiling water and let infuse. Filter everything and empty the giant infusion in your bath. You can now enjoy this moment of relaxation.

The obvious rules



These rules seem obvious:

If you smoke, reduce your smoking.
Likewise, limit your alcohol consumption.
Your body needs to regenerate itself. Remember to give yourself moments of relaxation just for you. You must learn to disconnect from your daily life.

A new habit to take in your daily life: meditation



It's not just a fashion phenomenon. Scientific studies have shown that meditating for a few minutes every day means being less stressed, less depressed and more focused. In addition the energy circulates better and it is the whole body that benefits.

How to meditate?


Here is a summary meditation, you can adapt it according to your personality. You can use relaxation music to accompany you in this state of "letting go".

  • Sit in a chair with your back straight. You can also lie down with your arms around your body.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take three long breaths.
  • Do not think of anything anymore. If your mind plays tricks on you, let your thoughts go away without focusing on them.
  • You will feel your tensions gradually. Connect with your breathing, which becomes more and more calm.
    A meditation session of 10 to 15 minutes each day will do you the greatest good.

By combining all these 100% natural recipes, you should quickly be in great shape.



I think you did a good work with this article. You always share great info,
Nice Post thanks to you for this attractive information @sobiakanwal

Thanks for comment

Thanks for this - I’m completely exhausted after having my daughter, and I was a big lover of sleep before so it’s been a big shock. Some good tips here. I’ve been meaning to start meditating for years now - must make time for it.

thanks for comment

@sobiakanwal, you are much active here,

Nice ideas shared about relieving stress and fatigue, by using different kind of foods like fruits, vegetables, alongwith exercise and mediation is much effective,

Like a car, our body needs a good fuel to move forward. Food is the primary source of energy.


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