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I used to be very, very anxious. And I didn’t even know what anxiety was! I was not aware of my anxiety because of how normal that condition was for me.

I used to suffer from insane anxiety. It was pretty bad... my teeth would even chatter. Suddenly claustrophobic triggered from the anxiety... the anxiety would even trigger to paranoia depending on the event... but damn, anxiety sucks.

I have absolutely 0% anxiety now, and this is barely something your average person can even say. I didn’t get to this point by medication nor accidentally; i got to this point SYSTEMATICALLY.

Thank you! :)

It is my desire to help you with these words. I want to inspire you that you can get out of this horrible condition!

Some info about me: I've been involved with Bitcoin since 2010. By trade I am an expert on blockchain technology. I am the Project Director for Wall of Coins, and CEO for Genitrust, Inc. I eat primarily fruits and leafy greens ("fruitarian"). This is known as a frugivorous diet, which is the diet by design of the human species and most primates. I don't cook my fruits, so you may also call this "raw vegan". I have eaten virtually every food item and major cultural style on this planet. I have experienced long periods of many different diet regimens: acid/alkaline, ketogenic, vegan, etc. In my spare time as a child, and an adult, I truly relished reading articles, books, and research papers on nutritional observation. I also enjoy and frequently practice long periods of juice fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.

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Robert Genito
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Do you have any idea how much of your diet was caused by not eating healthy enough or was it all just life changes?


Great question, and I can only speculate. Personally, I strongly see the truth is that emotions are the key cause to all diseases. After all, why else would you feel disease? Why else would you "feel not at ease"? However, many of our emotions are apparently tied to physical endocrine glands, and therefore, this is likely responsible for feeling a drastic change in our current emotional state through optimal eating as opposed to feeling a drastic change in our recurring emotional condition, which is based on the emotions we have suppressed. Hope that run-on-sentence is helpful :) And thank you for asking!

I speculate that the responsibility is half diet and half behavioral errors that affected my emotional state.


I think with a magnesium deficiency you can have some emotional problems like anxiety.

It sucks that modern medicine mainly cares about money and not people otherwise their would probably be a lot more nutritional studies and treatments would probably be way better. It's "sometimes" WAY more profitable to kill a human than save a human.

Hello friend, I could tell you that this last week I felt so, I was visiting for a few days and I do not know that was the reason but I would like to know how you did to move forward because anxiety is something very uncomfortable to the point of not being able to sleep, I do not know if it's the same or something different happens to you.

Anxiety will always be something that will persecute us in life, when we are near an important moment or when we want something to happen very quickly we usually get anxious, others anxiety comes to them by itself that would be something mental or good so I see it from my point of view.

Hi, whats up friend? I am happy to read you again: D about anxiety I can tell you that it is also passed through these moments and they are really very difficult to control; in my case it attacks me in many ways, one of them is often sweet, but I have nothing close to much much. The good thing about all this is that it is possible to overcome it by having a good mental capacity and that my dear friend I am sure you have it.

Hello happy friend of leerter and that you have overcome this anxiety, is one of the strongest things for many of us. Feeling anxiety from time to time is normal. However, people who have anxiety disorders often feel intense, excessive and persistent worry, and are fearful for all situations of daily life. Often, anxiety disorders manifest themselves with repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety and fear or terror that peaks in just a few minutes, panic attacks.

Happy to hear from you, and happy that this stage has improved, These feelings of anxiety and panic interfere with daily activities, are difficult to control and disproportionate if we compare them with the real danger, and can last for a long time. To avoid these sensations, you can try not to go to certain places or not to participate in certain situations. Symptoms can begin during childhood or the teenage years and continue when you are already an adult.

Blessed day for you, we can help a little to avoid anxiety by learning to change thoughts, it is a skill that goes far beyond the overcoming of anxiety. Not falling into negative thoughts, worries or pessimism implies an important change of attitude that entails the improvement of spirit and motivation for all to address the different vital objectives we all have.