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01/01/16 to 07/05/17 I prescribed and took add medication in hopes that it could improve my concentration and focus
. Convinced I had a disorder like ADD, On January 1/2016 I was prescribed the
medication, I took the medication till August 5/2017. I learned about the reason adults would
have ADD like symptoms, I made the goal to stop the medication and do the same without it, if not better

First thing was my diet, having a good healthy diet with protein, vitamins, healthy fats, and probiotic rich
foods, avoiding processed sugars and pre-packaged foods. The gut supplies fuel to the mind.

I focused on psychical fitness. The body and mind are connected, If you spend 20 minutes doing a
physical activity can have mental benefits that can last the whole day. Exercise boost motivation and

I added daily meditation to this as well, being aware that you are distracted and wasting time can make
all the difference. Through meditation practices, you can make more critical decisions and prioritize.

With the practice’s above and making them daily habits taught me discipline, I never trained the most
important muscle in my body, my brain. In these times with constant distractions and things, we
consume, making us more addicted. When I started taking the medicine, I wanted to make it temporary.

Social media and the phones in our pockets are making us less productive, less disciplined and more distracted amongst other things. We often look for the reward fist than the work it takes to get said reward.

I learned I was distracted because I was unhealthy and unfocused and fell into the common crutch that was going to the doctor and asking to help me with medication in hopes I could pay for it to go away.

I was lazy, unmotivated, unhappy, unhealthy and lacked discipline. I quit the medication for good knowing it was my responsibility to be disciplined and keeping my mind and body in good shape.

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