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“Bikini", when you heard this word what's the first thing that comes to your mind, "seashore" or sunny days or sandcastles, right. But have you ever thought how and when does this bikini got introduced among human civilization, any clue?

Well, behind its emergence, there are some interesting facts that you should know about bikini underwear. So are you ready to get surprised or shocked?
I hope you are aware of a fact that before it got introduced to the male population it was and still a part of women's clothing.

Fact 1: The word bikini was coined after a nuclear bomb test

You will be surprised to know that Louis Réard, who was a French car engineer named this two-piece outfit, bikini and it was May 1946 when the United States was testing hydrogen bombs in Bikini Atoll, is a part of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. From that test Réard found inspiration and that's how men's bikini got its name.

Fact 2: Bikini underwear was rejected first due to its revealing feature

Even though the bikini underwear was acquainted with the world in the late 1940s, it wasn't until 1957 that VIPs and the press started to acknowledge the skin-bearing new style pattern. It was in that year that French actress Brigitte Bardot made her appearance at Cannes Film Festival in a floral two-piece. After that Bardot made it satisfactory to wear a swimsuit, celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Esther Williams quickly followed the trend.


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Fact 3: In a few places, the Bikini is still a Taboo

When the bikini was first introduced, countries like Italy, Portugal, and Spain prevented their citizens from wearing them and though these countries have since lifted those bans, cities around the world still ban the provocative piece. You might not be aware of the fact that places like Hvar, Croatia can charge you if you found wearing this style on the streets. Bikini underwear is banned in places like Ras al-Khaima which is a part of the United Arab Emirates.

Fact 4: Nude dancer was the first woman to wear a Bikini

Micheline Bernardini was a nude dancer and the only women who wore a bikini. Well, this was a matter of concern for Réard as no other women were ready to model for bikini underwear hence he approached Micheline.

Fact 5: The most established accounts of a two-piece set go back to Ancient Roman occasions

Even though Réard created the primary bikini during the 1940s, however, the most established recorded pictures of the bathing suit originate from a long time before his time. Supposedly, the principal delineation of a two-piece originates from a multi-year-old Roman mosaic called Chamber of the Ten Maidens, in which a few ladies are seen playing sports and practicing in what could be viewed as a current two-piece.


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Fact 6: Well, Bikini becomes more popular due to the Mayor of New York City

In 1939, the chairman of New York city Mr. Fiorello LaGuardia requested extraordinary artists and strip club entertainers to wear the new men's underwear to dress all the more unobtrusively for the World's Fair. This date, you may have seen, goes before the creation of the bikini, which is the reason a few history specialists acknowledge LaGuardia for promoting the G-string.

Fact 7: Due to World War 2 rations, the bikini was born in parts

Proportioning during World War II influenced each industry, design notwithstanding. At the point when the war began, the legislature passed a law that necessary a 10% decrease in the texture utilized for ladies' bathing suits. Because of this new enactment, two-piece clothing producers, which was later acquainted with men's populace, started to plan two-pieces, however, these forms of the two-piece bathing suits exposed no skin.

Even though men were not used to this style however bit by bit with time, long after the presentation and acknowledgment of female two-pieces, men felt the requirement for the clothing style which can fulfill their necessities and that's how "bikini" became " men's bikini. Later own lot of changes occurred in texture, comfort according to men's needs. Every feature was redesigned.

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