A Historic Day!

in mene24k •  4 months ago

Hey everyone!

I have a major announcement to make! An extraordinary event has occurred...a day that will forever be etched in my memory...I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it!

It started off as just an ordinary Friday...I wake up, eat breakfast, start my day, jump on steemit...you know, the usual...

Then everything changed... I decide to log into my Mene account...and what do I see!!!


My first notification!
Oh my word! What could this be?!?!
My heart begins to pound...sweat runs down my forehead...it's getting hot in here! I'm excited!


The anticipation builds up as my mouse cursor just cannot reach the notification bell fast enough...
But alas! My cursor has arrived... Let's click!


Unbelievable! It's a $5 mene credit! The first of its kind in my notification bell! An easy $5 just for leaving a review! I'll take it! Let's go double check in my mene credit page!

mene 3.jpg

There it is! (code hidden)...I feel as if I can conquer the world, like gold really matters, like I'm fashioned purely of gold...ehh you see what I did there??? @goldmatters @goldfashioned
Now the question remains, what do I use this $5 mene credit on? I know my "Y" charm is getting quite lonely... might need a J and an O very soon...


I'm sure this is only the beginning of many $5 credits to come... So if you want a heart stopping, sweat dropping experience similar to mine in your life, then sign up for your $5 mene credit here under 1 minute: https://Mene.com/invite/kp9gyH

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that's cool. I've never heard of this. I will sign up under your referral link. thanks for the info


Awesome! Thanks a lot!

Here is a valuable tip, don't use your credits until you have enough to get one for free. when you buy without using them you get a 50 dollar credit.
Tip #2, have a friend sign up and give them cash to buy a charm for you, you get 50 and so do they! Those 50 dollar credits add up fast, it is so unbeilivable that this is possable!


Awesome tips! So smart thanks ill be using that advice for sure!

Its going to get a lot more hot when you start getting the $50 a pop purchase referal credits :) congrats alpha! More are coming im sure of it


Let's bring the heat!


Code Type Expiry Date Credit Amount
67E5 4D85 3FE3 7HH4 Referral Feb 28, 2019 $50.00
CEEG G398 8E9G FC22 Referral Feb 21, 2019 $50.00
D22H 5BHG B373 7BE8 Reviews N/A $35.00
GFF7 F2C8 9AH2 C72D SignUp N/A $25.00

That is so true!

Lol, this post made me smile. You had me going there for a moment. I was starting to wiggle in my seat a little reading my way down the article


LOL glad you enjoyed it! Look into mene if you haven't also its super cool 😀.

Lol, I'm sure you'll be able to get both of those charms with credits in no time!


Haha! I hope so! 🤣

I am curious to know the charm that you will check out.


for now I'm eyeing the j and the o so I can spell Joy 😀

Congratulations.... It's not the 5$ that matters its the seance of achievement that gives the pleasure...


Yeah your absolutely right about that!

That's really cool dear friend...
Enjoy your day...


thank you dear.

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Is that a good thing? 🤣

hehehe that is awesome! Congrats! I love getting free credits!

Great job @alphasteem, you'll be filled with 24k JOY before you know it 😉