What Is Your Favorite Mene Piece?

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Goldmatters posed this very important question for his contest to win 150 steem monsters cards.

I’ve spent several days contemplating which is my favorite Mene piece. Why? Because it’s scientifically proven that I have a tendency to be indecisive when it comes to bright and shiny objects.


How can I choose?

I can’t.

I think about the answer to this question for days and nights. Which is my favorite? And I can choose only one?!? Sorry. Too difficult.

But after days spent in a daze, thinking and trying to decide, and nights spent walking around like an zombie insomniac…

...I’ve just decided that I can’t decide.

There must be a loophole to this.

Think outside the (blue mene) box!

Beat them at their own game.

WWMD? (What would Mene do?)

Mene is beating fiat at it’s own game. They’re creating a legend. They’re zigging while the whole world is zagging.

While everyone is loving their fiat, Mene knows it’s just toilet paper, and THEY’RE DEFINITELY NOT PLAYING that game.



In an attempt to be like Mene and beat the system, I finally figured out my favorite piece:

The Mene $5,000 gift card.

This way, I can get all of the items that I am trying to decide between!!!

The 16 inch chain:

The 18 inch chain:

21 inch chain:

I mean how awesome would these look layered?

I’d layer them with the:

cowry shell charm…

and the pacman charm…

and the nail pendant…

And then I could get the wreath ring…

plus the leaf ring…

and then these earrings to match the necklaces and the rings….

I can scoop up the gold pieces because I love how they look.

I can scoop up the platinum because it’s even more undervalued than gold at the moment!!!


I can scoop up some pieces for my mom, dad and a few of my best friends.

I can do a Mene giveaway with one of the pieces on steemit!

Mene for everyone! It's meant to be shared!!

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I’m reading your genius piece in toilet, and I looked at the toilet paper next to me, trying to see it as fiat 💵...


hahaha you're so funny. I do wish my toilet paper would turn into fiat lol

You really deserve to win! Really nice and cleaver!


Thanks, I appreciate your kind words

Fair play, this is the best and most original answer so far. Love the logic and more importantly love the shopping cart..... By why not, you have $5000 mene credit to spend 😂😂😂


Right?!? It's so exciting to actually just put in your cart hahaha. Thank you!!!

Yesssss!!!! So good! I love your orginality and passion :) resteemed!!


Lol I have all of these items just sitting in the cart


For reals? Lol awesome. You should do a wishlist too :)


I'll put everything for my NEXT 5,000 gift card on the wishlist lol


What a bad ass

Very hard to choose a favorite from the whole collection. So many extremely cool designs. I think at this point it is easier to choose a favorite out of the Mene pieces you already own. This is my favorite, I wear this piece every day. The Mene Oculus Pendant.


I agree! Super difficult. That is a nice one! I think that is @goldfashioned's favorite too!

This is so awesome!! I read it as if it was a dramatic movie script haha. Can’t go wrong picking a $5,000 gift card :)


I think the only reason this is awesome is because you read it as if it were a dramatic movie script! haha love it!

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Great post your.


thank you