My favorite Mene piece (Extended entry to Goldmatters' Mene contest!)

in mene •  10 months ago  (edited)

What is my favorite Mene piece? That's impossible to say because I truly love every item! However, there is one that I wear more frequently: The Mene Platinum Mini Oculus:


REASON 1: Because of its origin. I could make an entire separate post about that, but luckily @goldmatters already did it for me!

REASON 2: Platinum is currently trading at a massive discount, surpassing 10 year lows:


REASON 3 (The most important): It looks cool! And when I say looks cool, the platinum oculus can go with ANYTHING.

Such as... In the sand:


Shopping at target:


With LL Cool J:


Playing basketball:


Relaxing by the hot tub:


Completing a puzzle:


Or most importantly, with the Goldmoney card!


Thanks @goldmatters for your constant generosity and always super fun contests :) enter here for a chance to win 150 Steem Monsters packs!


Sign up here to instantly earn $5 and start earning credits toward Mene 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry:

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@goldfashioned I wear the gold Oculus pendant as my every day wear. This is my favorite piece of Mene so far...

Ha ha fantastic! Great work @goldfashioned! Just realized I actually don’t have an oculous!


That should be fixed IMMEDIATELY

Surprised you could pick one from the lot of amazing products


I barely could! To be honest I just wear it the most :)

Thanx for sharing this important info about platinum price, i was bound to crypto only