How To Buy Pure 24K Gold Jewelry... WITH GOLD

in #menelast year (edited)

I decided to ramp up this #menemonday after missing the past couple. And maybe I felt it was time for a new ring ;) so I decided to browse.


Eventually, I settled on this one!

The 24K gold narrow groove ring. I added to bag then proceeded to checkout.


But here's where things got interesting. Instead of buying with a boring credit card, I used this...


Goldmoney Checkout! I was then taken to the Goldmoney login page and entered my information.


I was given the option of which vault I wanted to pay from.


Entered a transfer pin that I received via email...


And that's it! I'm done!


I just bought this beauty with gold locked in a vault in Switzerland :)

Here's a video tutorial on how to buy Mene Jewelry with Goldmoney Checkout (Sorry for the poorer visual quality, YouTube trolled):

Happy Mene Monday everyone!

Earn $5 in Mene credit by signing up for Mene with this invite link:


Amazing!! This really is a fantastic way to redeem some gold and leverage the checkout feature. I have used this so many times!

Love this feature! And it's incredibly easy to use, I'm sure I will be using it many more times.

AWESOME, @goldfashioned!!!! Thanks for showing us how you checked out using GoldMoney, and the video as well.

Thanks silversaver!!

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