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Can a man wear a bracelet or earrings? In our diplomatic protocol and the principles of savoir vivre, rules regarding male jewelry are quite strict. What suits a man and what already violates the principles of good manners and taste? To what extent contemporary men's fashion in the field of jewelery complies with the rules of savoir vivre?

If you want to be in compliance with the label and be absolutely sure that it does not violate the rules of savoir vivre, then the only acceptable elements of male jewelry are:

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A ring in the form of a family ring is optional - but only when it is actually a symbol of belonging to a particular family. An ordinary signet ring in the form of a large gold ring is not a sign of elegance - it looks pretentious and is inconsistent with the diplomatic protocol.

Earrings for men - although they appeared in ancient culture, they are currently not used too often by men. Originally, they were a symbol of affluence and status in men. It was also believed that the ear plugs can protect against spells or cure disease. For mariners, they were a capital investment - if he was away from home, thanks to the gold ear-hook he was assured a worthy burial. Nowadays, men's earrings belong to the avant-garde and are worn by young people who, starting their professional career, rather give up. Currently, the male earring is a symbol of the "rebellious soul", which is definitely contrary to the dress code of the corporation.

Men's bracelets - just like earrings known since antiquity. They often acted as amulets (engraved or inlaid). Currently, men wear them rarely - mainly in the form of braids from straps, slightly less frequently silver, narrow and stiff rims with engravers. Currently worn by young people. In men, an element of jewelry that is in a sense a bracelet is most often a watch - which can be placed on a silver or gold bracelet.

Chains and pendants - currently only a delicate chain with a medal or a cross is acceptable, which is an expression of religious commitment and is usually worn under a shirt. More decorated medallions or pendants are definitely the domain of women and allow themselves only artists.

The rules of savoir vivre in the context of men's jewelry are now quite strict. Both in antiquity and the Renaissance period, the man had much more possibilities of expression using jewelery accessories. Today, only extravagant people and those whose profession allows play and a very informal outfit can afford extras in the form of rings or earrings. Most men have to limit themselves to cuff links and an elegant watch.


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