Mother Nature and men

in #men2 years ago

Why do men act like BIG man babies when they are sick.?!!?

I mean come on; you get one little cold, one little sneeze and cough and your souls has left your body.

I mean I love to take care of a grown man baby lol.... 🤐 one of my favorite things is getting to wake up out of your sleep at weird hours of the night. 

You have to make sure they didn’t stop breathing while they’re sleeping, because the life insurance hasn’t kicked in yet 😂 just kidding 🤷🏽‍♀️😆🤑

God forbid you have to rub some medicine on them and check their temperature. It’s like your fighting with a big bear for some honey 🍯. Word of advice ladies slap some Vicks on their chest and give them a shot of whiskey 🥃 and put the sports channel on and they should get over it and don’t give them a 🛎
I feel no sympathy for someone that doesn’t get their period or give birth sorry not sorry; once you have experienced a menstruated cramp every month of your life and a human life coming out your vajayjay then I would understand your pain 😂