Missin you our angel

in memory •  last year 

Hello everyone Spare me some minutes to read my blog. In a review to my introductory I said that I will be posting my travel and adventure, but 1st t lemme share to you this one.

Tadaa yeah shes my happiness our happiness to be exact, she's not my daughter but she's our first angel that we longing for a long time. Janeah Angela is her name she's my brother's daughter. Was born last Feb 2 2017.

Since then I started thinking what kind of diaper, what shoes that suit to her, what dress that best for her. In what milk that help her to grow faster.


Yeah you must think that I'm a overacting aunt for doing thus things where In the the first place im not the mother . WelI? Maybe because we don't have a baby in our house for a long time.


Before I spent my money just for my self and giving some to my parents not until.


I keep some for her christening, in her birthday and her FUTURE ESPECIAL EVENTS.

June 16 2017 our angel hospitalize she stay their for 2 weeks. Finding? Pneumonia. How painfull seing our angel suffer, even questioning why? She's healthy and we take good care to her.


Everyday and night we all praying for her fastest recovery.
Her 1st operation went well. It just a pneumonia why she need to go through operation? ''Theirs a conflict in her private part and the main cause of sicknes''. her doctor said.
Second operation come and still it a successfull we can say that our baby is a fighter.

JUNE 30 2017


Her 3rd and last operation.
I still remember that day., how painfull seing my angel lying on those bed lifeless., how hurtful looking my brother crying unstoppable. Seing my mother smiling and waiting for me to tell her how's the operation.
Clueless, speechless don't know what to do . How? How can I tell my father whose waiting for us to tell how's?.
Can't find my voice talking to my sister on the phone telling that our Angela is gone. But at that moment I need to be strong because everyone is down, everyone is disappointed, everyone is hoping for her to open her eyes an be alive.


Its almost a year but still its painful to hear that everyone is missing her.
Rest well langga.

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Heaven gained an angel.. My symphathies to u and ur family. Continue to rest well beautiful baby.😍

She was too precious for this world, I cant imagine the sorrow. Just having a daughter myself recently my heart dreads the words i’ve read on this post and want nothing more than to say things will get easier, and I truly hope they do, but that wouldn’t be enough. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. Much love dear RIP Janeah.

We sympathize with you..

Wow.. It's painful to lose someone who's more important to your life. 😞

i feel that pain as a mother/parent is unbearable God has a purpose of all the good and not so good things happened in our life.. Keep strong God is faithful😊

A tear of condolence for you.

its tearing my heart 😭😭😭