Driving Long Distances? My Great Companion

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One album that I had on repeat quite a lot some decades ago when my car was the method of transportation - whether it was to the office, or to friends and family living in countries like Hungary, France, Switzerland and Germany, or just for weekend trips and mini vacations to Czech Republic, Italy, and Slovenia - is "But Seriously" by Phil Collins. A perfect car companion!

Originally released in 1989, a remastered version was released just 2 years ago, in 2016. This version is an extra long version, I share with you today. I recently discovered this one at YouTube, and listening to it brought back a lot of memories! I thought I share these with you, but to be honest, today I'm a bit overwhelmed and have no clue which of the memories I shall share. So please bare with me. Meanwhile, have a listen to master Phil Collins.


Artist: Phil Collins
Album: But Seriously
Year: 1989 / 2016
Country: UK



Hang In Long Enough
That's Just The Way It Is
Do You Remember
Something Happened On The Way To
I Wish It Would Rain Down
Another Day In Paradise
Heat On The Street
All Of My Life
Saturday Night And Sunday Morning
Father To Son
Find A Way To My Heart
Hang In Long Enough (Live)
Something Happened On The Way To
Colours (Live)
Saturday Night And Sunday Morning
Always (Live)
Find A Way To My Heart (Live)
That's How I Feel
You've Been In Love (That Little Bit Too Long)
Another Day In Paradise
That's Just The Way It Is
I Wish It Would Rain Down
Hang In Long Enough
Do You Remember









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Beautiful one... For me.. Got like an album that goes it for me.. Most times I go for the slow steady and calm songs.. For some reasons it gives me a good roadtrip

Do that too, like Sade :)

And the lyrics here are so kul.. Guess am going to add it to my list... If u don't mind😎

Please do! :) Glad my post has some effect to others :)

Thanks for sharing! I will have a Phil listening session!

Cool :)

Good job buddy, thanks for sharing...

Good job buddy thanks for shareing

Colours and Another Day in Paradise are my best songs on that album; Phil Collins is an exceptional artiste.