A Story of Love, Loss and Tragedy (A True Story)

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There once lived a 16 year old country girl. She lived with her mom out among the pastures. She was a beautiful person. Little did she know her life was about to change. The county fair was here. Living in the country and being involved in 4H the fair was a big deal. The sixties had just started, and apparently the free love was in the air. This girl met somebody. This persons identity would never be exposed. Except for maybe 1 or 2 people the girl told no one.

The girl was pregnant at 16. Just that one time was all it took. The girls mom didn’t have medical insurance and could not pay for the birth.

So this sweet 16 year old girl was shipped to Nevada. You see her older brother was in the Air Force, stationed at an air base in the state. Presumably he claimed her as a dependent and just like that the United States Government would be picking up the tab. This was probably of little comfort, seeing as the birth was just the start of her problems. She would still have the baby to take care of and provide for. Unfortunately her family did not have the means and besides a 16 year old toting around a baby was something that was pretty embarrassing for her family back then. So upon arriving back home she had to make the heart wrenching decision to give her baby up. But who to entrust with this precious little baby boy?

Remember this is very early 60’s and adoptions weren’t ran like they are now. However, miraculously working in the same town that the girl grew up in was an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) that wanted nothing more than to have a child of her own. This lady, and her WWII veteran husband had been trying for years with now luck. Somehow the 16 year old found out about the plight of this very special nurse. The child eventually was turned over to the couple.

Just like that the burden was lifted and the teen could go back to being a kid, if that was even possible. She would never forget her first born and only boy.

The nurse would go on to give the baby almost everything he wanted, but what he would want most was a sibling. Growing up he too would live out in the country where their were very few kids to play with. Except for that, the childhood was pretty idyllic.

The boy would eventually go to high school. He played multiple sports but his favorite was baseball. Every so often at this boys games a lady would show up out of the blue to watch the game. The boy probably never noticed.

After high school this boy met his wife, they married. This was around 1985. Still very young the couple would become pregnant. The baby would come 07 July 1985. A week to the day before the mother’s birthday. This news eventually got to the 16 year old, now all grown up with three daughters. All lovingly raised by her. Upon hearing this special news this now beautiful lady gathered up all the courage she could and contacted that nurse again. She asked if there was any way that she could met her son and new grandchild. Hesitantly the nurse agreed to ask the boy if he wanted to met her.

The boy would agree. This would turn out to be one of the happiest times of his life. The little boys family grew and he would finally have those sisters that he had long for all those years. There would be dinners every Sunday like clockwork. The girl would dote on her son and the baby that he had just brought into the world. The girl and her baby grandson were inseparable. Feeding the horses, or taking care of the cows that baby was right there with her. For about two years everything was about as perfect as you can make it. I wish I could just end the story here I really do, but tragedy struck.

Two years after being reunited with her child and grandson the unthinkable happened. It turns out that sweet beautiful girl had ovarian cancer and it spread to her stomach. She didn’t have long. She had just got the family she has been dreaming of and now fate was going to callously rip it from her. She fought for as long as she could to squeeze out every last moment with her new found family. She fought valiantly, but the cancer took her from them. Everything came crashing down. It was so unfair and heartbreaking.

The Sunday dinners stopped. The family started to spread out. You see that girl was absolutely the glue that held them together. They would never forget her or her sacrifices.

That girl was my grandmother. I am blessed to have gotten to know her. Out of the 7 or so grandchildren she would have she would only get to see 2. Of those two only one of them can clearly remember this remarkable person. Me her oldest grandchild. I feel very very lucky for this.
I miss you and can’t wait to see and talk to you again.

**** This story is from MY point of view and was taken from my memory, and all the things I can remember hearing. I’m sure it’s not 100% accurate, but the general story is true.

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