Themes and Memes - Anderson Cooper

in memewar •  2 months ago
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Anderson Cooper strongly resembles a Thunderbird! It makes sense to me anyway, as he can easily transform without detection, from human CNN reporter to Thunderbird whenever required to go ‘undercover’ for his real purpose as a mockingbird CIA agent. Thunderbird, mockingbird…well, they are both part of the bird family and related which also makes sense in a lot of ways.
Here is Anderson’s life story in memes!

If Anderson Cooper was a Thunderbird.jpg

Anderson Cooper ariving for the first day of his CIA internship.jpg

Anderson Cooper at CIA flight school.jpg

Anderson Cooper going undercover at the local Church.jpg

Anderson Cooper taking off on his private jet.jpg

Anderson Cooper sniping mission for CIA.jpg

Anderson Cooper working under cover in Saudi Arabia.jpg

Anderson Coopers first meeting with his CNN producer.jpg

Anderson Cooper undercover as himself.jpg

Anderson Cooper as a CNN hero.jpg

Anderson Cooper if he wasn't gay.jpg

If Anderson Cooper wasn't a Thunderbird.jpg


As always, have a great day and PEACE


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Now i'm sure @palikari123 is a NSA agent, you really need acces to crossmatch to find these images...


Nope...easy to find if you look!

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