Meme the News: Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy

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After my show I decided to mine facebook for some epstein gems. Enjoy these memes. I highly suggest not having any liquids in your mouth while viewing them.

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  ·  last month (edited)

I find it quite scary that we only have a very vague outline.
Not much verifiable stuff out there.
I wonder how difficult it is, to look at Judges who are known to make unjust decisions, then go through their lives and find out exactly what creepy shit they are into. That would be interesting

Well, what i think is that everyone has watched too many crime dramas that have filled people's heads with false information about what people do in prisons.

... and that definitely wasn't Epstein on that gurney.

Nothing to see here. It's all gonna blow over, now quit browsing the internet and get back to work!

Good Stuff !

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Definitely feeling veeerrrrryyy sleepy.

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