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One meme project calling out another. Looks like drama to me 😂


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Just getting started, My contest next week is goina be for posting memes as comments to memestagram posts on how Memehub is better than memestagram. So yeah, its a legit Memewar.

Go ahead and you will be banned permanently with all your twinks 😘

haha, are you the creator/admin of memestagram? I think you should rebuttal with memes, not ban like you cannot handle a challenge

nope, but I've seen how fast admins ban spammers here
and I see that you already start spamming so I think it would be fast.
so good luck

I think you are confusing @memehub w someone else.

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If they cannot handle criticism in the form of memes, then do they even meme?

This is why he says stuff like that, he is a bidbot abuser and he gets paid by @themarkynark! he is flagged forever now as long as I am, or until he realizes and retracts his comment from my blog, and never bugs me again!


Well, memestagram is kind of dead so ... :P

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Yeah, they only posted one single post to their blog 8 months ago then ghosted. I just dont believe that posting memes directly to steem will ever actually build a true meme community for steem. Hoping this post will recruit the memers that got abandoned by memestagram.

awesome strategy, you're kind of a meme Jesus, gatherin the lost sheep :P

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Meme Jesus is a nice accolade but I really just want a legit meme community on steem like what one encounters on other platforms. I think a True Steem Meme community is far more important and necessary for the platform than most Steemians seem to grasp. All the meme related stuff Ive seen on steem falls so short of what avid memers like me get from meme-ing on other platforms.


Thou have spoken. All praise meme Jesus!

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Hmu on discord. Id like to promote you within the Memehub project.

Posts it with memestagram but calls out memehub, hmmm challenge accepted!

I posted this from my personal acct @aninsidejob to call out memestagram in a challenge. I dont think the memestagram creators are even around anymore. Hoping to convert some of the people that still use memestagram to Memehubians.

Oh I see planting ideas in peoples heads, that’s straight memeception if you ask me

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I love it!

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Also, I mean if the memestagram creators ever rebuttal with a meme then Memehub is fully prepared for a memewar.

Shots fired!

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You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

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