Do Lies That Are Repeated Often Enough Become True?

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Do lies that are repeated often enough become true?

It's clear that the fake news media uses repetition and emotion to influence their viewers to create an idea of truth that is based on lies and deception.

Breaking programmed belief systems requires a certain amount of push back, patience and as much as we hate it, coddling. We can burn down the 'safe spaces' once the blind realize that they never needed them in the first place and that these so called refuges only serve to suggest that every other place is unsafe. This is just another illusion devised to immobilize people, create fear and to keep them in place.

The lies we tell ourselves are as damaging as the lies we are force-fed, but in time the painful truth does become a balm to the lies and disinformation that are meant to keep us in darkness.

The choice is yours @tacostate

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