Meme Monday 2/18/19; Anti-Vaxx memes and flyers.

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Please folks, spread the word if you aren't already doing so. Print these off and spread them around all over town. All of these memes are from #Pinterest. Some of them contain links with more info but not all of them.

Vaccines are nothing more than Nazi Eugenics. That is what they are. Contradict Authority!

Anyone dumb enough to get their kids vaxxed is probably too stupid to be following me.




Communist China???































As always, research this stuff for yourself and see. Do your own homework if you are doubtful then I challenge you to prove yourself wrong. A lot has already been done for you right here in this post.

Thanks for looking and have a happy Meme Monday!

Stay Un-Tune-Ed

Join the TRUTH Party, The Radical Underground Tyrant Haters Party!!!
Comedy through activism, activism through comedy.
Keep your democracy off of my Sovereignty!

Welcome to the NEW West!!!
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But the news told me to get the flu shot!

They dont have mercury or aluminum or anything in them right?

The doctors know full well all the ingredients right?

If something bad happens, ill be compensated right?

Billion dollar industries have no ties to the gov right?

Theres not actual cases of vaccine harm on the cdc's own website right?

Thanks to hippe-witha-gun for the vaccine memes.

I would have to be comatose to be dragged to "treatment" by the criminal medical monopoly. I had all the age appropriate diseases and fortunately avoided most vaccines growing up during the 60's-70's. Unfortunately chickenshit conformity rules in the USA and a glance in any direction finds the bovine population rambling along like fluoride addled pharma addicted zombies. I've never seen anyone recover from Stockholm Syndrome, and I'm not sure they deserve to.

The truth isn't for all individuals, it's only for those who seek it.

Enjoy your day!

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

Hey thanks Raymond! Like I said, please print these off and put them up around town.

hippie-witha-gun -

I been thinking about this but can't determine where posting stuff works 'round my neck of the woods. I'm 12 miles into cow country away from towns. The nearest has one main street all of 1/2 mile long and no stores, just a post office. The second has main street 1 mile long no stores. There are two other connected towns in PA as the state border runs through the valley, however there are no bulletin boards or anything. Being rural nobody does any walking in winter and nothing would stay stapled to telephone poles even if residents had to walk between houses.

Where do you post things where yer at?

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

I'm in the same boat as well HA HA. I live 30 to 45 minutes from town. I make weekly trips into town and usually once a week I might make it to the Public Library. Sometimes I'll post something up around there. Eventually when I have more time I plan on going out with some of these flyers and a stapler and just staple them to poles around town. Of course assholes are just going to tear them down but usually the flyers will stay up long enough that they reach a few people at least. That is all you can really hope for.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the Lone Ranger on this.

I've got a village home as well as my rural farm. I'm at the Village Of Waverly right now as I got fiber optic internet access here and the property taxes are so bad I can hardly give this place away. My motto is "never leave the farm" modeled after the "Apocalypse Now" scene where the guy runs from the tiger and rants "never get off the boat."

For many years now, In warm weather I wear an ancap black and yellow flag t-shirt 24/7 here and everybody knows everybody. I got a history of throwing the written word at cops, the Mayor, school officials, etc and when I'm not doing that I speak. The cops hate freedom and truth of course and I've done my part over the years to set next to them in bars and pick mercilessly at their egos.

Bottom line I refuse to fit in and respond very calculated when I choose to walk on and off. I've been targeted and went up against the cops and district attorney and won, documenting their actions to the ACLU, and doing all those other things that "woodchucks" ain't supposed to know. That history was mostly for sport but now the societal rot is caustic with the anti-freedom of speech legislation against B.D.S. I look forward to meanest encounters.

As there are no places to efficiently post things in town I have been considering building a large weather protected board and set it on posts in my front yard. It's probably against code but so is transgression against inalienable rights. NYS drew first blood when Gov Cuomo used an executive order against anyone who boycotts Israel. I am the only person I've seen here wearing a Free Palestine shirt and my Boycott Israel shirt will get lots of exposure. There is no future for men who don't man up. I guess I gotta build that board and get things moving once the ground thaws out.

I was just saying to the wife this morning that I don't think I'll ever be truly happy again unless I get networked with full-time activists. We own land in the high country AZ and I ain't stepped foot on it since we bought it in 2012. I lived 6 years (2000-06) in Phoenix, AZ and I think it's about time I went back to being scooter trash. If you got any contacts around Phoenix, AZ please don't hesitate to direct them to contact me on steemit. I need to be headed to the desert before winter 2019 to establish part-year residency.

Thanks for turning my mind on.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

Wow incredible story man. Thanks for sharing! Yeah get the Hell out of NY!
I'm a Sovereign activist. Which means I'm one of these assholes that goes driving down the street without any license, registration, or insurance and then gets arrested for it.
I don't have any connections in Arizona but I've heard of a few people there. Glenn Fearn and Marc Stevens are in Arizona. Glenn's one of these Sovereign people putting out videos on youtube. Marc Stevens has a youtube channel too. In fact, there is an old badass video of Marc confronting the Mesa City Hall several years ago.

As far as Steemians go I know @thedesertartist might have some connections in Arizona. He dug for gold out in the desert out there years ago.

thanks hippie, yup had connections in quartzsite

hippie-witha-gun -

Thanks for the names. I'll check into them.

I knew of one guy here who maintained the sovereign citizen line and they took everything he had away from him. I've got some property deeded as tenants in entirety which avoids probate and limits reach of statists trying to seize anything as it's owned in entirety by each tenant. I like the idea of exiting to Mexico and never be heard from again. I'll start with the high country AZ.

The weird thing about AZ is that most their activists are really just socialists with a 501C3 IRS designation and won't challenge the geoengineering agenda per the risk of loosing non-profit tax status for so-called political speech violation. That keeps them silent (complicit) and basically ineffectual jerk-offs to any self-professed anarchist (me). I hate traitors.

Thanks for the conversation. Have a great day.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

Jennifer jade jones, she ran for the house