Getting people on to steemit with memes

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Lets get more people on board steemit

steemit needs more people on board period. This is true because steemit is more than a condenser powered by the steem blockchain it is one of the first platforms to lower the barriers for the common folks who do not understand the blockchain or the technology behind it yet they use it for the joy of consuming and sharing the content.

Steemit is growing but not fast enough, If it were to generate enough revenue there would be lesser liquid steem being sold and push the price down

This is a great time to invest in steem

Steem prices are at such a low level that one could buy a resonable amount of steem even with a limited budget.
However investing in steem is not the only thing one can do.
One can leverage the platform to promote real world brick and mortar business and things one is passionate about. This would create real world use cases for steem, steemit and so many dapps that are built over the steem blockchain.

Talking about passion I am quite passionate about meme's

I feel meme's can be used as a great marketing tool to

  • Help more people onboard the steem platform
  • Help steemit as a platform

Investing in memes

I trust and believe in the power of meme's. Having said that I know it can be touch carrying a message across just with a few words however memes is a powerful medium and currenly I have started using
which is a platform which is a great opportunity for people who are already on steem.
I say this because they can earn Lulz where are the points on
These points can be earned for creating meme's , viewing and interacting with the content on the platform.
These points can be converted into steem

For those who are not on , offers a great opportunity to join.
The signup is instantaneous and there is no waiting period.
So one can sign up for as well as start using and by the time the account becomes active you would have earned a decent amount of's Lulz which can get you some cool steem upvote.

Time for action

I would be posting meme's on, sharing it here and some of my social media accounts with the intent of getting more members onboard steemit and
For this I need your help, Please share these meme posts which would have a cal for action to join and

With some effort we would be able to bring more people and real businesses on board steemit.
If you prefer not to wait you can buy steemit account instantaneously here

Do check out it has lots of interesting meme's



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