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My original meme on memehub

Twitter Post

The Current Economy...

The current economy is showing a global slow down and this is not a good sign. However crypto's and blockchains show a lot of promise.
By this I do not mean that crypto and blockchains are some kind of magic bullets that are the cures for all ailments instead they offer a decentralized and better way of handling things.

however I leave that discussion for another post. Today lets talk about steem, steemit and memehub
The blockchain and platforms I like and support.
This post attempts to spread the word and get people on board steemit and memehub and if you looking for a blockchain to build your dapp consider steem.

Investing in memes

Memes are a very potent tool that can be used for marketing and spreading awareness. I am trying to use them to tell about and

So like a business I invest my time and resources to create memes that I hope would make people pause , read them and take action.
This is no mean task and I sure need your support.

Get onto, sign up and make it the your social media of choice if you are not already on it and using it . This is one of the best platform to get paid to express your thoughts & feelings. Please share and support this post.

If you have a business and want to use the power of memes to advertise about a product or service please leave an email in comment and we can work together and collaborate.

If you like memes and some humor head to

Signup process on is super easy and you can sign up via your google account and the best part is your interactions on earns you points called Lulz which can be encashed to steem. Is that not super cool.

Thank you for all your support, upvotes and comments.

I appreciate all the support and love I have been getting through these posts however the work is just begun and a lot needs to be done so please keep spreading the world about steem, and

Together we can on board a lot of people onto and

Here is some interesting content I came across on

The memehub admin has so beautifully captured the predicament of dealing with google


and Alz K points out the down side of becoming too friendly !


Guys this is not the only interesting content on , there is plenty more . and all of us on board the platform know about the wonderful opportunity however there are a lot of people who need to be told and brought on board
So lets share the love through memes

Love | Share | Spread the News | Get people on Board


Glad u liked them I would keep posting more stuff for u to enjoy

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Memes are a very potent tool that can be used for marketing and spreading awareness.

great point

Thanks for your support

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