RESULTS FOR Memeday s03m53e01 Vote to make the veteran with the Almond Joy, Conductor- 12 sbi reward

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The Judge has deliberated

All non-Steeminati member who participated last week got a couple of upvotes from the brethren and for foreseeable future we will do the same, so tell your friends, you just need to enter!


About our judge….


He's not on the Steem Blockchain. .In
fact I have send him a text of a link to the contest and
hetexts me back the winners. But He knows a lot abou
comedy, he's belonged to a few improve groups and has
appeared in front of a captive audience many times
(a jury). In addition he has made my life hell with his
rapier wit that cuts to quick from soon after he
understood how to get under his older brother's skin.

Yea it's my brother the DA. Don't worry about nepotism, this guy is crueler
to me than anyone else…Many times stated he' and my Mom said I'm the
least funny person on earth…. So I really have to up my game to have a
chance against you guys!


And the picks are in from him. (I see the official results have been entered by him)

Drum roll please….
The Winners of Memeday Contest are….


Winner Position 1


Winner Position 2


Winner Position 3


Honorable Mentions


Winner Position 6


every Monday
is part of





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