Memeday s03m51e01 - Entry #2 - shining strong

in #memeday4 years ago

Made this meme for Memeday

Try your luck at:
@payoutbot is not a program I"m just a founding member of the Steeminati who pays out the worthy, by following the bretherns good deeds on the blockchain, by paying out like a robot!
<a href=>



pocketsend:11@payoutbot, play around with the token of fun - POCKET!

Successful Send of 11
Sending Account: pode
Receiving Account: payoutbot
New sending account balance: 258662
New receiving account balance: 81
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 73ada7c531e71932ef4f19c8927ff236bd1dd9e7
Thanks for using POCKET! I am small bot and I am running this confirming code.

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