Meme challenge #46 - Entry #1 - God I love working for the DEA!

in memechallenge •  10 days ago

It took me exactly two seconds

to figure out what was going on in this photo:



over and out.

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Haha good one @onceuponatime ! LOL! Love this meme challenge with Pablo Escobar ( actually the awesome actor Wagner Moura ) . I just posted my entry as well ! Two more to come ! Haha !😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍Upped !


Wow! A compliment from the legendary meme champion herself!


Bwahahaha that's awesome to hear @onceuponatime Thanks !!


This image itself is very funny.
I just posted mine too....the meme is here though


Yours is very good!

ha pablo, nice one..

funny post hehe n also best of luck for meme challenge.

El Patron, What a Fortune He made


I think you should marry his sister :-)


Alba, Gloria or Luz ?


Flip a coin.

😄😄😄😄😄😄 really very funny post@onceuponatime
I have upvote & restreemed this post

creatively. His facial expressions pose such thoughts.

Thanks my friend for the participant funny :)

Helo @onceuponatime, excellent meme

Good luck on your participation in this contest! Namaste :)

That look on Pablo's face makes me drool, nice one mate!


What else makes you drool?


The truckload of Coke behind i'll be honest😋


I'm not sure if in your case honesty is the best policy.


Oh Snap!

Am i gonna get arrested?...just kidding, in Nigeria i don't think there could be that amount of Cocaine in Stock

drug lord Pablo Escobar


What does his smile mean to you?


A cunning smile, he like what he has conceived.

good luck on your participation excellent meme.

It is very funny
Thanks @onceuponatime
Have a nice day

That was too good loved this meme

ha ha nice one

For your post propagation.

lol mario bros mafioso

Still trying to figure out What's DEA :D Lol, anyway for me, this is weird :D



DEA = Drug Enforcement Agency (ie. the guys who have good high power jobs as long as drugs stay illegal and would go broke if everyone stopped using drugs. So, their incentives are a little screwed up)

hahah that look

and it took me 3 seconds hahah

@onceuponatime - Ha ha ha Sir it's a nice meme & a nice meme challenge you called for....

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

great sense of humor there

hahah that was cool :)

Hahah Great 😊

Thats thug life

hahah cool bro funny :)

Ha ha ha very funny post.
Upvote Resteem

hahah damm interesting

Good luck

Very interesting Meme Photography thank you sharing @mannyfig1956

epicly epic hahah

Great post my friend! I like it! I would really appreciate if you could check out my profile ;)

Nice memechallenge
((((( Resteem Service))))

Its so funny😆😆😆😆
I will restreemed this post.

That look on Pablo's face makes me drool...